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26 Years After, Lukuluku Bantashi’s Brand Still Unmatched




For those who were of age in the mid 80s and the 90s, Lukuluku Bantashi was a familiar name.



He was a comedian in the Yoruba movie industry. He flourished for a very long time through his own unique cast and brand identity with prominence no one has beaten till date.



Lukuluku Bantashi Awo-Erin, as he was popularly called, was one among the many notable actors in the Yoruba movie industry whose stars have sunk prematurely into the history of time.



Not much is known about Lukuluku’s personal life, but his comedy brand was known far and wide across the western part of the country.



Lukuluku Bantashi was able to build his own stage identity from his own template, and his comedy brand reigned for decades while his comical style continues to be unmatched till this moment.



Lukuluku, during his time, ruled the comic scenes of the industry while the likes of Epo-Tin-Tin, Baba Suwe, Ajirebi, Godogbo, James Dẹ̀pẹ́, Dẹ̀jo Tunfulu, Larondo and others queued behind him.



Lukuluku was the most beautiful bride in the movie industry that all the movie producers sought his graceful appearance in their movies, there was no known popular movie at that time that he did not feature, and movie viewers always looked for his head in the posters or on the video cassette jackets. He was indeed a hot selling point that none of the movie producers at that time would want to jettison his appearance.



Lukuluku Bantashi was popular for his unique comical crying-style which could crack one’s ribs to pieces. He always played ‘an old fool’ whilst his face was always painted in charcoal black. Lukuluku would always wear oversize unmatched cloth which could throw you out of balance at a mere sight of him.



Lukuluku Bantashi presented his artistic talents in many movies like Yemi My Lover, Ti Oluwa Nílẹ̀, Imulẹ̀ Ìfẹ́, Legal Wife, Ami Orun, Itunu and many other movies before his untimely death in 1995.



The entire South west of Nigeria was shaken to its foundation on the day Lukuluku’s death was announced. Sun refused to shine and moon hid its glow.



All the radio and television stations rendered heart touching tributes to him. The entire Yoruba actor guild (ANTP) at that time was stirred up and all its members were thrown into absolute bereavement. The untimely death of Lukuluku Bantashi was seen by many among the co-artists as a irreplaceable lost, and the tribute upon tribute was rendered to honor him.


Alhaji Gboyega Lawal, a popular Ibàdàn ace broadcaster, tried to douse and bring people’s mourning under control, he planned to prank Lukuluku’s resurrection from death in one of his live program on Galaxy Television Ibàdàn on a weekend that followed.



He costumed Yinka Ayefele to look almost exactly like Lukuluku and brought him on his program known as ON ROSY. Yinka Ayefele truly delivered as a replica of Lukuluku that beautiful Saturday afternoon on live broadcast, and that provoked people anxiety.


Hundreds of thousands of over-excited people besieged the TV station and requested to see the resurrected Lukuluku face to face. Things went out of control and Alhaji Gboyega Lawal and Yinka Ayefele were nearly mobbed by the angry fans of Lukuluku Bantashi.



Lukuluku’s death is twenty six years now and his replacement still cannot be identified. Like I had said earlier, not much is known about his personal life and family. Rumour had it that he left no child after him to blow the horn.



The vacuum that Lukuluku left behind is still there till the moment as many of us that knew him are still missing him so much.



May his soul continue to rest in peace



Credits: Oladele Idowu Joseph

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Van Vicker Finally Bags Varsity Degree — 24 Years After Secondary Education



Van Vicker

Van Vicker, the multiple award-winning Ghanaian actor, has finally bagged a university degree — about 24 years after completing senior secondary school.


The 43-year-old movie director, who is a renowned face in Nollywood, took to his Instagram page to recount the touching tale of his educational journey.

He said while his secondary schoolmates were enrolling at the tertiary institution in 1997, his single mother couldn’t afford to send him to school.


He also accompanied the post with a photo in which he could be seen wearing a graduation robe of the African University College of Communication (AUCC).



Vicker said he bagged first-class honours in Strategic Communications and was named the overall best in his set.



“21 years later, here I stand before you with 3 achievements during my graduation; to God be the glory. 1. 1st class honors. 2. Best Student in Strategic communication. 3. Best Communication Student Award,” the actor wrote.


“The above is within the context of my 2021 post on social media and is in no way presumptuous but uprightly to inspire. I could not enroll at a tertiary institution in 1997 because my single mother did not have the funds.


“If free SHS was available back in the day, most likely I would have graduated in 2000/2001. My career took off and I have been blessed but as someone who relishes education getting that degree was just a matter of time.



“I complete my Masters program this December and I am sorely motivated and committed to going even beyond, God willing. I thank all those who supported me and are supporting me during this journey.”


Vicker has appeared in hundreds of films including ‘My Soul Mate’, ‘Heart of Fire’, ‘Popular King’, ‘Gambling with Marriage’, ‘Harvest of Love’, ‘Stolen Will’, ‘The Joy of a Prince’, ‘Discovered’, ‘The Kingdom’ and ‘Against The Law’.

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Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty To Fraud




Nigerian scammer Ramon Olorunwa Abbas also known as Hushpuppi has pleaded guilty to fraud in an American court.



United States Department of Justice (DoJ) in a statement on Wednesday said court documents show that Abbas, a 37-year-old Nigerian national, pleaded guilty on April 20.



A version of Hushpuppi’s plea agreement filed late Tuesday outlines his role in a school finance scheme, as well as several other cyber and business email compromise schemes that cumulatively caused more than $24 million in losses.



Acting United States Attorney Tracy L. Wilkison said Hushpuppi allegedly faked the financing of a Qatari school by playing the roles of bank officials and creating a bogus website in a scheme that also bribed a foreign official to keep the elaborate pretense going after the victim was tipped off.



Wilkison stated that Hushpuppi played “a significant role in the scheme, funded his luxurious lifestyle by laundering illicit proceeds generated by con artists who use increasingly sophisticated means.”



Kristi K. Johnson, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office said Hushpuppi “among the most high-profile money launderers in the world, has admitted to his significant role in perpetrating global BEC fraud, a scheme currently plaguing Americans.



“His celebrity status and ability to make connections seeped into legitimate organizations and led to several spin-off schemes in the U.S. and abroad,” Johnson said in the DoJ statement.



Hushpuppi and members of his gang were arrested while sleeping at their Dubai residences in June 2020.



The Nigerian fraudster was arrested along with Olalekan Jacob Ponle, also known as Woodberry and 10 others.


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Mother Of 10 Loses 48 Years Marriage Over Denying Husband Sex





A mother of 10, Mrs Tolu Osho, has lost her 48-year-old marriage for allegedly denying her husband sex.



An Igando Customary Court in Lagos, on Wednesday, granted the request of her estranged husband, Mojidi, to dissolve the union.



The court president, Mr Adeniyi Koledoye, said that since the petitioner insisted on divorce after several interventions, the court was left with no option other than to grant him his prayer; and pronounced the union dissolved.



“The court hereby pronounces the marriage between Mr Mojidi Osho and Mrs Tolu Osho dissolved yesterday.



“Both of you henceforth cease to be husband and wife.




“Each of you should go his or her separate ways unmolested; the court wishes both of you well in your future endeavours,” Koledoye asserted.



The president ordered the petitioner to pay N250,000 to his wife as a severance fee and also pay another N250,000 for her to get a new accommodation.


The petitioner, a 72-year-old mechanic, Mr Mojidi Osho, had earlier told the court to nullify his marriage because his wife was denying him his conjugal right to sleep with her.


“The last time my wife allowed me to sleep with her was 10 years ago.



“I am starving seriously, but whenever I come home with my girlfriends, she will chase them away,” Osho said.



The septuagenarian also accused his wife of threatening to kill him so that she can inherit his property.



“My wife wanted to kill me; she has been feeding me with poison.



“There was a day I fainted and was rushed to the hospital and it was detected that I ate poison.



“I thought I will not survive it, but God saved me and I stopped eating her food,” he said.



The embattled man said his wife was a witch who kept attacking him in the spiritual realm.




“On two occasions, she shot arrows at me in my sleep which led to sicknesses, but God healed me.



“She also buried charm in my workshop and customers stopped patronising me.



“My wife made me impotent, but I survived it after spending huge amounts on hospital and herbal treatment,” he claimed.



“Tolu makes my life miserable, I would have gone far in life if I have not married her.



“I regret the day I met her and I wish I can turn back the hand of the clock,’’ Osho said.



According to him, Tolu stopped washing his clothes 27 years ago; h,e therefore, begged the court to end the marriage to save him from committing murder.



Responding to the allegations, the 68-year-old trader, Tolu, said that she denied her husband sex for only four years not 10 years as he claimed.



“I stopped him from making love to me four years ago when he started bringing different girls home to sleep with, after which he will want to sleep with me; so I refused him,” she stated.




The mother of 10 children denied threatening her husband’s life or attempting to kill him through poisoning.


“I did not poison my husband’s food since 1973 when we got married, is it now that I will poison him?


“He is just looking for excuses to discard me; he came to this court to divorce his second wife, now he wants to also divorce me so that he can marry a new wife,” Tolu said.


According to her, Osho is fond of invoking curses on their children, which is affecting their lives now.


The respondent begged the court not to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of their marriage, saying she still loved him





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