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Akinlade, the Ideal Choice!



Just before INEC calls in time on campaigns at midnight today, the responsibility of deconstructing the concept of objectivity and aligning right in a political bout has yet again stepped foot forward amidst the staggering obfuscation that currently typifies the political artery of the gateway state, Ogun, my dear state of origin.

Events ushering in the governorship election of the state to this point have been, to say the least, more disappointing than envisaged. From the disgraceful party primaries across the board to the ongoing power game amongst the many actors, a lot of these things were no doubt avoidable had the intentions been altruistic.

Need I say everyone involved in this skullduggery has some blame to share here? That’s a no-brainer! But that stage is long past. Ego had crept in and the fight for supremacy other than collective interest is the defining core of the subsisting disagreement in the state.

This Saturday, like a few other states, the people of my dear Ogun State will file out in their hundreds to choose the next governor of the state. Particularly, my ever relegated and disparaged people of Yewa would be on tenterhooks, because more than ever, this election provides them the greatest opportunity to elect a governor for all Ogun people but from their part of the state.

Politically and constitutionally, every state is divided into three senatorial districts. Ogun State is not different. There is Central, East and West. Twice each, Central and East had produced governors: Olusegun Osoba/Ibunkile Amosun and Olabisi Onabanjo/Gbenga Daniel.

However, for political mischief at a time like this, some elements are quick to adopt a fourth leg for what is constitutionally a tripod. They say there is Egba, Yewa (Egbado), Remo and Ijebu. Remo and Ijebu are from the same East senatorial district. By this indiscretion, they stress the supposed unity of the state and play up mutual distrust, hatred and cards of superiority complex.

That’s why this election is this divisive. Those who congregate on the other side do not love Ogun more than those on this side. At best, they have begun to count both their losses and gains, even before the election and on the basis of such, choose where they now belong.

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But when a people are ‘pretty in idiocy’, they no longer see what is wrong from where they stand, even if it’s of vantage edge. They become so steeped in their folly that they start to think everyone else is equally a simpleton and incapable of staying above board. The administering of this category of stupidity appears through intravenous, because it is effective and almost immediate.

And so, they justify the misfortune of their mental servitude (because it is what it is) and continue to gallivant in cheap slavery. They are known to thrive in double standards, because hypocrisy is their lifestyle – it’s a life so cheap you don’t want to envy.

They hail doggone adventures in State A and demand something else – perhaps unlikely sanity – in State B. They shuffle between reality and idealism, because what sits well with them in the South of their option may not be readily available in the Northern end of it.

They boast and flash impossible dynamism, because it’s ‘stupid convenient’. They rally round lies and defend poor choices for tawdry reasons. And when they get to the north of their option, they demand something else. Their life is like a rolling stone, there is always nothing to show for it. Forget the flashes and pizzas. They are empty. It is not where you want to be. Supporters of doomsday leadership – that’s what they are.

One of the most interesting topics in journalism classroom is objectivity. You never get to conclude it, because there are always many sides to it and every side is as convincing. The same thing applies to the debate between gift and graft in advance studies (Ethics).

The thin line requires circumspection. Someone had been sent to prison in this country supposedly for accepting ‘a cup of tea’. There is no one manual on how to determine these things. Wisdom and circumspection are most needed when in such a fix.

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Standing with a choice in Saturday’s election has become compelling, albeit not a difficult one, because the die is cast already and at stake are too many things, particularly of tribal sentiments and concerns. Thus, sitting on the fence is not an option.

This is why I stand with Hon. Adekunle Abdulkabir Akinlade, candidate of the Allied People’s Movement (APM), who left the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the heat of the brazen heist that characterised the party primaries last October.

Here is my thinking. If you thought Amosun’s idea of primaries was unbecoming, because of the way it was conducted, I’d shudder to see you defend the choice of the other side, which held nothing but merely wrote names, celebrated and affirmed the damned list.

If you thought Amosun’s decision to stand with Akinlade in another party was not dignifying, you therefore need to understand in what context the president advocated “vote for a candidate of your choice; it is your right” at the Ogun APC rally.

Then, talk about the candidates, I don’t have to talk down any of them. They all come with their assets and baggage. But Akinlade has proven time and time again to be the issue, not because of how he emerged or who is backing him; he knows what the problems are. He also understands the issues and above all, he can convincingly sell them with a clear breakdown on how to achieve results.

He is smart, intelligent, cosmopolitan and futuristic. His choice by Amosun is the smartest. He is by far an improved version of Amosun. Whatever are the inadequacies of the governor, even though he remains the architect of the new Ogun, Akinlade stands out in those areas and more.

He is my brother from Yewa/Awori and I throw my full weight and support behind him, because he will deliver and do us proud. He will change the current divisive status. He will not seek vengeance of anyone for reasons of their choice. He will remain focused and retell the Ogun story to the world in beautiful prose.

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Any intelligent analyst, who is able to deconstruct the pattern of voting during the February 23, presidential and national assembly elections can tell the governorship election this Saturday, is a walkover. Let me give you a hint: go and take the presidential and national assembly elections’ results respectively and compare notes.

Bear in mind that some APC leaders reportedly ‘lost their polling units’ to some funny party, which of course is not by accident. So, work it out. But I won’t tell you what to look for. Do the mathematics yourself, if smart and see what is up for surprise this weekend. Don’t be reduced in your analysis by the overall party success. Pay utmost attention to details.

That said, dear people of Ogun State, on Saturday, as you file out to determine the fate of the gateway state for another four years, whilst you have reasons to bother about the competence and capacity of some of the candidates, because of what they signify, remember that to continue to see ourselves as brothers and sisters, justice is crucial. That crisis is absent is not indicative of peace. The only factor that guarantees peace is justice – unmitigated justice.

If in 43 years of the creation of Ogun State this opening beckons such prospects as never seen before for the Yewa people, shall we let the greed of a few, who seek to fester personal glory and prosperity blight the collective goal of one state, where creed and tongue do not mark us different?

Akinlade, not by any choice of his but sheer providence, towers over and above others, with reasons of competence, capacity and efficiency, in addition to youthful advantage.

That’s what Ogun State needs in taking the state to a desired station in the foreseeable future and not facilitating the aspiration of those who long to fleece our common wealth to service their choking and near endless debts, for a lifestyle they seek to sustain only in government.

*Olaleye is Deputy Editor at THISDAY on Sunday

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His Excellency, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, Kogi State Governor, Government House, Lokoja.



Through: The Honourable Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.



Your Excellency Sir,
With gratitude in our hearts and deep appreciation to your excellency,
we write to convey the eternal joy of the entire people of Ekinrin-Adde, home and in diaspora, for the great honour done to our community by your administration through the elevation of the stool of Olu-Adde of Ekinrin-Adde to the status of First Class in the Kogi State Traditional Council.



Our people and generations to come owe your excellency and your administration a great depth of gratitude for this unprecedented demonstration of goodwill and love. Whenever the history of Ekinrin-Adde is read, a special place of honour will always be reserved for you.You have really made us proud.



While wishing your Excellency’s administration continued success, we pray that God will take you from glory to higher glory in your future political aspirations and endeavors. we register our profound appreciation to your Excellency and your very dynamic and digital team of creative thinkers for this monumental elevation. You can always count on our support for your administration.



Elder Deinde .T. Komolafe (National General Secretary Ekinrin-Adde Community Development Association) on behalf of HRM Oba Anthony Bamigbaiye Idowu, AHEMAWORO 1, The Olu-adde of Ekinrin-Adde, The Olu-Adde in Council, the good people of Ekinrin-Adde Community Home and Abroad.

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First Bank:We’re Yet To Receive Notice Of Otedola’s Majority Shares



First Bank

Following the report of the founder and chairman of the Geregu Energy Group, Femi Otedola, acquiring the majority shares of FIrst Bank, FBN Holdings (FBNH) Plc, the Company stated it is yet to receive notification to that effect.



According to the statement sent by FBNH to the investing public on the Nigerian Exchange (NGX) Limited signed by the company secretary, Seye Kosoko, the attention of FBNH had been drawn to media reports on October 22, 2020 purporting that a certain individual has acquired significant shareholding interest in the Company, therefore making him the majority shareholder in the Company.




The statement further said that “As a listed Company, the shares of FBNH are publicly traded and sale and acquisition of shares is expected in the normal course of business. We operate in a regulated enrolment, which requires notification of significant shareholding by shareholders to the Company, where shares are held in different vehicles, further to which the Company will notify the regulators and the public as appropriate.




FBNH stated it is yet to receive any notification from the individual mentioned in the media report of such acquisitions, saying that FBNH will always notify the appropriate agencies and authorities whenever it receives any notice of significant shareholding by the shareholders and the company’s registrars.



It was reported that Otedola has been acquiring the shares of the FBNH through a vehicle, Calvados Global Services Limited. It is also likely that there could be other vehicles associated with Otedola who may have also been mopping up shares. FBNH currently has 34.7 billion of its shares floating freely meaning it is held by diverse shareholders. This makes the shares easy to acquire on the stock exchange.

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Nairametrics said, “Otedola, through his proxies and investing vehicles, now owns over five per cent of the bank, setting himself up to be the single largest shareholder of the bank.




In the first half (H1) of the year ended June 30, 2021, FBNH reported a profit after tax of N38 billion up from N35 billion same period in 2020. Speaking on the H1 performance of the Company, the Group managing director, U.K. Eke said, “FBN Holdings delivered a resilient performance in the half year, reflective of our focus on strengthening the organisation in recent years.




“We remain committed to our strategic objective of driving further stability in performance, as well as delivering sustainable growth over the years to come. In line with our focus on revenue diversification, we continue to grow our non-interest income as we progressively become a more transaction-led institution and implement innovative and technological driven measures to improve overall efficiency.




“The macro and socio-economic conditions remain challenging given the COVID-19 pandemic and the low-interest rates environment. While these points negatively impacted overall revenue generation, we are confident that FBNH can navigate this challenging operating environment and keep delivering sustained innovative solutions that enrich customer experience as well as deepen financial inclusion.”

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 Omu Resort Takes Corporate Social Responsibility To New Level



Nigeria’s foremost resort, Omu Resort has taken its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to an all-new height.

The family recreational and educational center located in the rainforest of Bogije, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State boasts a plethora of fun activities including a state-of-the-art freshwater Seaworld, Museum, Animal Kingdom, Green House, Wax Museum, and an array of amusement rides.

The management of Omu Resort recently took its CSR works to a new height when in collaboration with the Bogije Branch of the Dredgers Association of Nigeria (DAN), it kicked off a multi-million Naira rehabilitation of the Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Way.

Prior to now, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Way was one of the worst in the community; however, it took a turn for the better years back when Omu Resort kick-started an annual intervention project of maintaining the road.

However, the road has now taken a whole new look with the Bogije Branch of DAN collaborating with Omu Resort leading to the massive rehabilitation currently going on.

Speaking on what motivated the current exhaustive rehabilitation of the road, the General Manager of Omu Resort, Moji Ibaze said: “We have constantly paid year-in-year-out to have the road maintained, we are aware of the fact that we had invested billions in our resort. There was just no point having such a tourist attraction in place with no accessible roads.

“We had made overtures to the Lagos State government, but they have not been forthcoming. This year, the road had been unmotorable, hence the decision to partner with the Bogije branch of the Dredgers Association of Nigeria and do a thorough overhaul of the road.

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“Needless to say that more work still needs to be done in the area of desilting and drainage flow.”

Reacting to the ongoing rehabilitation, Akeem Alade, a shop owner at Bogije market described the ongoing work on the road as a welcomed development. According to him, the road had been a pity sight, as traders at the Bogije Market are known to always empty their dirt into the drainage. When men are seen evacuating the waste, all they do is dump it by the roadside except on rare occasions when they cart them away, they hardly take the waste away, so they end up washing up into the drainage again when it rains. He noted that with the new look of the road; motorists and other road users would heavy a sigh of relief.

“This is a welcome development; you need to see what this road was like before this intervention. It has taken the duo of the resort and the association to bail us out of this situation and we really appreciate their effort.”

Bayo Adelaja while appreciating the efforts of those behind the road maintenance project wondered when it became the responsibility of associations and owners of businesses concerns to maintain roads, as he questioned the seemingly carefree attitude of the political representatives of the community.

“It is a shame that the politicians that we elected to represent us hardly think of our interest, the maintenance of this road is supposed to be the government’s business, but it has taken two private entities to solve a major challenge that dates back several years, what are the political representatives that we have at the federal, state and local government level doing, some of them even access this road?”

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Omu Resort has become notable for treating both local and international guests a unique experience of the wonders of nature.

Sighted on a serene landmass of approximately 22 hectares and boarded to the North by the imposing clear waters of Omu Creek, the resort offers menicus coaster, water slides, a speed boat ride among others.

Having expanded its water slides to include speed slides and with the arrival of the resort’s Giraffes, Elan and Zebras, Omu Resort is definitely the place to be.


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