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Ambode Gets Knocks, Knocks And Knocks  Over Sunday’s World Media Goof



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Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode obviously lost a good number of followership after a world press conference he addressed in Lagos Sunday afternoon.

Following the decision of the leadership of his All Progressive Congress (APC) to endorse Hon. Jide Sanwo-olu in his place, the incumbent Governor addressed a world press conference where he Malagained the personality of Sanwolu and spoke in a way majority of the people who assessed the media chat considered too low for the occupant of the office of a state governor.

A peep at the Governor’s Twitter account showed that majority of about three thousands comments seen on his account after the press briefing condemned his delivery at the event.

Thepage presents, in this piece unedited, some of the reactions on  social media regarding the world media chat.

Kingsley Obom Egbulem: Fashola was even described as an alcoholic and chronic womaniser by the Jimi Agbaje campaign team. Today we know better. We should be familiar with this mudslinging by now.

Rose P Graham: You can not afford to look this way and still have a terrible attitude! Ambode is indeed “a  bull in a China shop!”

Was that a press conference, abi olorun’ je ki a gba dun? Does he think he is Sen Pres.Saraki? Where is your suave, Ambode? What impression are you trying to create? Who put you up to this?

No charisma! He lacks finesse! Where is your diplomacy as a politician? Are you sure you were the governor of that sophisticated state in the last 3years? You clearly have not learnt anything!

Who are Ambode’s advisers? What has he got up his sleeves? Is there any particular ace he intends to bring out in the coming days that would not be crushed by the established institutions?

Someone should please advice this man to not further make himself an isolated case!
Pastor Akintunde Edmond says:
Its a classic ‘Ara ilu oke’ attitude. Some, if not most, are innately pompous, strongheaded and myopic. He has lost all the key stakeholders. Should have used the Presser to appeal for unity and to step down. But I guess, the Ondo State gene is very strong within him.

Anthony Dara:I like Ambode,
You fight dirty. That’s the latest politics all over the world.
And politics is a dirty or good game? Smh
Hit them hard … Ambode

“I would rather not call a conference if I can’t sip my coffee in sweeter way!!”..Dare Best

“Whoever jazzed our Gov chose a very potent one.
#Pity…..Olaseni Durojaiye

“Now I can see that calmness even in the face of provocation is a blessing from God,  patience is key and self-conservation is Godly. You can’t give it if you don’t have it.  In the spiritual, no wonder people like Baba Adeboye is still standing. In the secular, people like Saraki should have long been forgotten but for all these virtues they are still standing. What a great lesson….Orunko Frederick

“He fell for it.
His loyalty has been tested and he failed woefully..Egbon Dapo , they said silent is golden. You would have remain silent and let the people fight for you.
Now you have just shot your self on the foot.
Àhhh Okunrin yi ma gbo bi won se bi baba re L’Eko yi.. Taani Baba e L’Eko????—Rilwan Olowo Eko

“Ambode is a political neophyte, he will end up in the dustbin of political history like Afikuyomi…Wole Awosika

“Rada rada…  Abeg what was that rubbish, the gone governor saying in his ‘last’ world press conference as a governor,  Last election I recall he also had a medical mental history too with one of the Lagos hospitals yinmu na today politicians dey concort stories ..  That press conference  is cheap,  desperate and so condescending..  I expected better..  It’s an absolute show of shame.   If he must fight, he should fight his party leaders and not the contestant..  Shame!  Shame!!  Shame!!!…Temitope Ducker

“As long as its devoid of violence. Ambode has every right to fight  back by any means necessary.I repeat any means necessary!Begging time is over!..Tunji Bigsam Ofeyi

“But why?
That press conference wasn’t necessary nah! Titanic and the governor has same thing in common……Femi Bolorunde

“Fashola was right:
You don’t wrestle with a pig; an immature, kiss & tell one @ that. Bad strategy & strategist.
Dis one will scatter Vegas😱…Dotun Adekanbi

“Ambode just lost me! He messed up his opportunity to gather public sympathy and gain more popularity as a sitting governor. I expect that his speech will be…
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen of the press. It becomes imperative I hold this briefing prior to tomorrow primary election that I’ll be participating as a sitting governor. As you are aware, there have been much uproar about my getting the second term ticket and the general disposition of our party leadership.

I want to say that as a member of the APC, I’m committed to its principle. Since we are going into a direct primary, I’ll be prepared to go into the election, with the support of the rank and file of our party members.

I want to seize this opportunity, to apologise to the leadership and membership of our great party, for all the raised issues. I’m willing to learn and improve on the best practices that would help our party and bring dividends of good governance to all Lagosians…

Just something I could have said or read without much details.

But I’m not him!…….Funke Oguntuga

“Political leaders need Coaches, Therapists, Strategic Interventionists, Narrative Shapers, Storytellers, Fixers, Lobbyists, Communication experts..

Mediocrity everywhere

If you call a Press Conference, you have to own the narrative, command the stage, and be succinct.

#LagosAPC…..Akanni Oladimeji Balogun

“A desperate man is a dangerous man, Ambode probably forgot that he can not remain the governor of Lagos State forever.
Omo atoko wa bale je…..Olashinde Akinyosoye

“For whatever sympathies one would have had for Ambode, that goodwill was squandered at this “world press conference”, when he descended into the gutter to start raising issues relating to the medical condition of his opponent, and an unsubstantiated claim of criminality in the US!.. To drive a nail into his coffin, his fellow Contestant refused to follow his descent into such gutter politics, and chose not to respond along those same lines! On ChannelsTV Political Platform with Seun Okinbaloye tonight {30/09/2018}, representatives of the two contestants were interviewed. Those two allegations were rebuffed by the uncontested statement that Sanwo-Olu traveled to and returned from the USA just last month, August. If he has any criminal issue, the US Embassy in Nigeria would have revoked his Visa. And on the issue of mental instability, it was rebuffed by the unchallenged position that the man had never visited the said hospital, to complain or even be treated for body scratch, stomach-ache or malaria. Even then, assuming that he had, how does that become an issue for political discourse. Finally, if Ambode is loved and adored as a “Performer” as he claims, let the generality of his fellow Party members validate his credentials by voting for him in Monday’s Primaries!.. L’o ba tan!!…..Babatunde Adetula

“That was the middle finger from Ambode…..Olumide Iyanda

#Copied#..In my Honest Opinion, Ambode this afternoon just vindicated those who actually wants him out as the Governor of Lagos State. His utterances at the Press Conference, were pure attack on his party, and reek of the same arrogance, that He has been serially accused of. I don’t see any miracle that can produce Ambode as the Lagos APC candidate and he should be assured, that no other political platform, can salvage him.

“APC primaries on my mind…  I just can’t wait for the dirty boy to leave office.Lagos is too dirty     Vision-escape

“Intemperate. Vengeful. Unthinking.
Wish Ambode had written a better epitaph. ‘Be slow to anger.’ Or he uses a different RCCG Bible😱😲…Dotun Adekanmbi

“Many of you guys (journalist) are deceiving this man (Ambode) to think the senseless world news whatever is marvelous. Trust me, the only thing he was able to gain from that was confirmation of all allegations against him. Haba! An highly placed fellow talk less of an incumbent gov must show some decorum no matter how dirty or crazy it gets especially with someone in same party. He also employed service of a prostitute singer that has never been loyal to anyone less party. He truly shot himself in the leg maan…..Dare Anderson

My Unpopular Analysis: Mikel Akpan

In all considerations, Governor Ambode has lost the plot. I understand he has privileged access to a lot of first hand confidential information that are not available to the public.

At a time like this, his Press Conference should have centered on appeasement and promotion of his candidacy, to give himself a competitive edge, rather than throwing shades.

The shades were needless and badly timed.

The fact remains that all shades on Sanwoolu is an indirect attack on Tinubu. Simply because Tinubu is bent on using Sanwoolu to disgrace him out of office.

Discerningly, the Ambode we saw today is not alone. He is bulling because of some behind the scene backers, who are probably Tinubu’s political enemies and are simply using him to get at their common foe. It is a game of interest and intrigues.

If their “Ace of Spades” to get Tinubu out is Ambode, It’s a lost fight already. For every darts Ambode has thrown today, watch out, it would be responded in kind with ‘Javelins”. The embattled Governor can’t win the media war against the mastery of the master.

Ambode can’t fight the system that made him. He should have studiously considered Fashola’s past experience as a benefit of hindsight and planned his survival around the murky water of Lagos politics. Loyalty matters!

From his gesticulating media performance today, it has shown that he has very shallow thinking and Lagos Playboy advisers and strategists.

I rest my unbiased opinion.

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Durojaye said the Alaafin would be willing to entertain the group if they booked an appointment.




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“When they couldn’t find anybody there, they started going from one ward to another. A nurse and a caregiver were abducted. They then moved to staff quarters looking for doctors and nurses but could not find any.”



“The armed criminals had earlier attempted to attack Maigoge, a community located six kilometres north of Dansadau town.



“But when they laid siege to the community, the vigilantes otherwise known as Yan Sakai firmly defended the village. The vigilante killed some of the bandits and injured several others.



“They then invaded the hospital to kidnap nurse and doctors that will treat their injured brothers in the forest.”




Maigoge is one of the few communities in Dansadau Emirate known to be firmly defending themselves against bandits.



“The staff of the facility are not carrying out night duties now. They only attend to patients at day time. They then move inside the town to spend night usually at undisclosed locations,” he added.



Meanwhile, the chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association in Zamfara state, Dr Mannir Bature, who confirmed the attack said the association is worried by the unfortunate incident.



He said they would hold an emergency state officers council meeting on Saturday.

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