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Audi, The NSCDC Boss With The Midas Touch And Blessing To The Nation.



One of the best initiatives taken by the President Mohammad Buhari’s led Federal Government a few month ago to boost the critical security sector in Nigeria, was the appointment of Dr Audi Ahmed as the Commandant- General of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC).

More importantly, Dr Audi, is a personable gentleman who combines academic profundity and administrative sagacity with unusual humility and remarkable peacefulness.

As Nigeria goes through these troubling times and leadership in many spheres of our national life a colossal disappointment, the example of Dr Audi is an accentuation of E. B. White’s assertion that there is hope. “As long as there is one upright man, as long as there is one compassionate woman, the contagion may spread and the scene is not desolate,” White wrote.
It is said that seeing is believing, an encounter with the CG in Abuja truly demonstrated that he truly deserves, or even surpasses, all the accolades that have been showered on him, including being the essential “Good Citizen of the Federal Republic” (GCFR).

I found that, as many academics scholars in the field of security studies said recently during the inauguration of a female armed squard, in NSCDC National Headquarters, Abuja Nigeria that, truly, “Dr Audi epitomizes frugality, focus, patriotism, sense of mission and above all honesty and prudence in the management of public funds.”
Leadership is everything and what the NSCDC is today, a well-respected para-military organisation and an envy of other establishments of its like, is due to the hard work, tenacity, diligence and the personality of its Commandant General. He has the singular credit of building the corps from the scratch until it attains its current level of achievements. He is the model security officer whose discipline and commitment to excellence should be emulated by all Nigerians, especially armed men in uniform.
At a recent Strategic Training Workshop for Senior Officers of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) on Conflict Prevention, Peace building and Election Monitoring held at the Civil Defence Academy, Sauka, Abuja, where I was privileged to be on ground , I had the opportunity of seeing Dr Ahmed Audi in close quarters. The impression he left in many of those meeting him for the first time is unmistakably overwhelming. Soft-spoken, avuncular, simple, courteous and intelligent, he strikes you as the quintessence of civility.
It was not therefore surprising that everyone that knows him spoke glowingly about him.

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The Governor of Oyo State, Engr Seyi Makinde during a courtesy visit to the CG in Abuja recently , was fulsome in extolling his virtues. His submission flowed from the heart, not just a matter of expressing platitudes often associated with such occasions as a matter of protocol. Several dignitaries, including men and officers of the Corps, abandoned all they had to do that morning to witness and listen to a very wonderful encomiums being poured on Audi by the Governor. It is interesting also, to note that,
It did not take long before I came to realise that civility constitutes the heart of the NSCDC boss… In other words, beyond the actual meaning of NSCDC, I came to the conclusion that the acronym means more. NSCDC has demonstrated that it stands for Neutrality, which is the hallmark of professionalism, by not dragging itself into politics and remaining true to its constitutional duties. The organisation also symbolises Sacrifice, a true mark of any security agency that is worth its name. Other attributes represented by the other letters are Civility, Discipline and Competence and I saw all these qualities with my inner and outer eyes.
Few Nigerian public officers are as humble as Dr Audi, a man of wisdom and great learning. The words of T. S. Elliot seemed to have their practical manifestation in him with clinical precision: “The only wisdom we can hope to acquire/ Is the wisdom of humility: humility is endless.” Dr Audi’s humility, even while engaging his subordinates, is endless.

Nigeria actually owes Dr Audi a debt of gratitude because there would have been deadly clashes between the police and the NSCDC if not because of his peaceful and amiable nature, especially taking into consideration the patriotic and professional he handles issues between the two forces.

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A striking discovery during the engagement with the NSCDC is that Dr Audi has inspired his officers and men to attain high level of academic and professional training as there are many officers of the corps who have doctorate degree, not to talk of Master’s. This academic pedigree has partly informed the competence and temperament of the corps, for which Dr Audi deserves additional credit. A man of peace in theory and practice.

Dr Audi, upon his assumption as the Commandant- General of the NSCDC, noticed high level of irregularities in the promotions of men and officers of the corps and he didn’t leave any stone unturned in addressing all these and shortly, based on the machinery he has put in places, sucour will come the ways of the corp members as many of them will soon put on smiling faces.

*Kayode Olasekun is Media Assistant to Commandant-General Audi.

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UBA Group Dominates the 2021 Banker Awards, Wins ‘African Bank of the Year’




Breaks the Banker Magazine Record as it wins Best Bank in Nigeria and 12 of Its Subsidiaries Africa’s global bank, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc yet again, reaffirms its leadership position across Africa, as the bank has been globally recognised as the African Bank of the year 2021 by the Banker Magazine, a leading global finance news publication published by the Financial Times of London.


UBA’s solid financial performance, its excellent service delivery to customers and its continuous role of facilitating rapid economic growth across the African continent were some of the reasons that led to the bank being named best bank in 12 of its African subsidiaries and in Nigeria. UBA Nigeria Plc, UBA Benin, UBA Burkina Faso, UBA Cameroon, UBA Chad, UBA Congo Brazzaville, UBA Cote D’Ivoire, UBA Gabon, UBA Guinea, UBA Liberia, UBA Senegal, UBA Sierra Leone and UBA Zambia all came out top as the best banks in their respective countries.


This will not be a first for UBA. In 2020, six of its subsidiaries in Benin, Cote D’Ivoire, Chad, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Zambia were winners of the Best Bank award. This year, the UBA Group is breaking a record with its exceptional wins as African Bank of the Year and Bank of the year in 13 countries. The total 14 awards makes it the first time ever in the history of the almost 100 years of The banker, that any banking group will be clinching as many as 14 wins in a single year.

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At the Virtual award ceremony which was held on December 1st 2021, the Middle East and Africa Editor for The Banker, John Everington, explained at the event that a rigorous and highly analytical process is made annually to reach the decision for each Bank of the Year award and the institution’s reputation for independence, authority and integrity is thoroughly applied to each submission.


“While several African banks impressed the judges this year, there was no doubt as to the worthiest recipient of the Bank of the Year for Africa – UBA Group – a clear winner across a wide range of criteria. UBA has performed impressively across its footprint with a strong financial performance across most of its markets,” Everington said.


UBA’s Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Kennedy Uzoka, who expressed delight over the recognition from The Banker stated “Like I always say, at UBA, we must be doing something right. Winning 14 total awards in13 subsidiaries and the Bank of the Year on the African continent is a big achievement.’


Continuing, Uzoka said, “The recognitions come as a reassurance that we are on track in consolidating our leadership position in Africa, as we continue to create superior value for all our stakeholders. We have our millions of customers across the globe and our many thousands of staff to thank for this. They are the very reason why we keep winning’


Since1926, the Bank of the Year awards has been celebrating the best of global banking and is regarded as the industry standard for banking excellence. The 2021 edition highlights those institutions that have outshone their peers in terms of performance, strategic initiatives and response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The Banker Magazine is a publication of the Financial Times – a leading global finance news publication which has been in existence since 1888. The Banker magazine is the definitive reference in international banking for high level decision makers.


United Bank for Africa Plc is a leading Pan-African financial institution, offering banking services to more than twenty-five million customers, across over 1,000 business offices and customer touch points, in 20 African countries.


With presence in the United States of America, the United Kingdom and France, UBA is connecting people and businesses across Africa through retail; commercial and corporate banking; innovative cross-border payments and remittances; trade finance and ancillary banking services

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Crisis Rocks Ghana Parliament As Members Clash Over 2022 budget




The 2022 budget of Ghana suffered another set back as the House could not reach concerts on its passage.


The Minister of Finance, Mr. Ken Ofori Atta had presented the budget for the House to deliberate upon and possibly approve it for passage to the president to work with. But the House is in disagreement.


The Majority members had earlier hoped in easy passage but, they were shocked to witness a tie in the House. The ruling Party, New Patriotic Party ( NPP) has 137 members in the House, same to the main opposition party, The New Democratic Congress(NDC)


The Speaker who could have added one to the ruling NPP lacks the constitutional right, as the Constitution denies him voting right as the presiding officer.


The case will then be taken to the Supreme Court for intervention. The issue has been a major challenge threatening the smooth democracy in the country. The decision to go to Supreme Court is expected to be taken before or by Friday sitting.


By Moses Owopade,

Accra, Ghana.

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