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Biz Partner Opens Can Of Worms On Killed Wema Bank Director, Ope Bademosi

Chairman, Jesus Solution Centre, Moshood Fayemiwo, in a reaction to the death of the murdered Wema bank director and Ondo City high chief, Ope Bademosi  on his facebook page exposed the hidden side of the Late Chief..

In the piece, titled “The Real Chief Ope Bademosi You Should Know” Fayemiwo, exposed what could be described as the dirty side of the late chief whose reactions to news of his death continue to dominate public space. Thepage presents unedited, the account  of the United States of America based Fayemiwo on the person of Late Bademosi as narrated by him.


By #Moshood_Fayemiwo

Ordinarily I wouldn’t have shared this story, but because the victim, Chief Ope Bademosi is gone I want to make certain secret disclosures to stave off future ugly occurrences. Since I left Nigeria for the United States in the 1990s, it took me almost ten years to visit my native land. I visited Nigeria again in 2010 for a project which involved the Jonathan Administration. In the course of meeting some prominent Nigerians, a pastor friend of mine introduced Chief Ope Bademosi to me. He was a Chief from Ondo City and I being from Owo in the same state, we hit it off so to say. He agreed to the business proposal we discussed and we met at a highbrow hotel in Abuja to perfect all the paperwork with our corporate attorneys present to tidy up the legal ends.
The first time I met Chief Ope, he was a nice man but lived a reckless life. He was with two prostitutes the very night I met him in Abuja. I expressed my dislike to his lifestyle, but my pastor friend said we should rather concentrate on the business instead of the man’s lifestyle. The second thing this man did was highly dishonest and dishonorable. He issued us a check for the sum of N50m- Fifty Million- in 2010 and assured us everything was fine. He introduced himself as an executive director of Wema Bank and we checked him out and we found that to be true because he had his picture and bio displayed on the banks website. More so, he was a product of the prestigious University of Lagos where I also graduated from and so took him for his words. To ensure we were into legitimate business, myself and my American business partners agreed we should use Wema Bank as our corresponding financial institution in Nigeria.
Folks, Chief Ope gave us a dud check. The so-called Chief Lotin of Ondo scammed us. He had no money in his account at Wema Bank even as an executive director. The man was a fraud. When we discovered his shady character, I called my pastor friend on what to do. We called Chief Ope and he became incoherent. I asked him why did he behave like that, he became defensive. Anyway, to cut the long story short, I was compelled to place a heavy curse on him. I lost all my investment in that deal and had to take care of my American biz partners who insisted we should involve the Nigerian
Police. Chief Ope Bademosi boasted that he was a big shot and a political honcho in Nigeria and threatened nothing would happen to him. I told him that I have placed a heavy curse on him and he would end his life violently and disastrously. He laughed it off.
This man was a womanizer, a morally debased man. Every Friday, he would leave Lagos for Ondo City and it would be fornication, sexual escapades and adulterous activities till Monday morning when he would return to Lagos. His wife or wives knew about his shambolic moral degeneration but I guess in Nigeria, morality is such at a terrible and ear-splitting discount that anything goes. As my American biz partners told him, if it were to be here in America, Chief Ope would have been in jail right now.
I wasn’t taken aback the least when I read his death and the way he was cut down. He had his just and well-deserved comeuppance. And by the way, I still have a copy of the dud check he issued to my company with me here in Texas. Chief Ope bit the dust and he finally went to where he eternally belongs at the age of 67. His death or murder should serve as dire warning to those Nigerians who think they can step rough shod on others and get away with their atrocities. The law of retribution as laid down by the True Lord God Almighty has not been abrogated.

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