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EndSars Protests: Is Sanwo-Olu A Victim or Villain ?



Events of Tuesday, October 20, 2020 which eventually culminated in the shooting of innocent protesters at Lekki was without doubt a sad chapter in the nation’s history. Sad episode of the night was nonetheless avoidable; just in the same manner that the attendant violent reactions that greeted the unfortunate shooting could have also been avoided.

Meanwhile, many questions have continued to beg for truthful answers. However, in the midst of utter confusion and distorted information, the truth has sadly remain elusive. In a desperate bid to unearth what went wrong on that night, eyewitness accounts have regretably become discountenanced on the ground of lack of demonstrable and credible evidence.

Notwithstanding the genuine concern and prompt response of the Lagos State Government to the unfortunate shooting incident at Lekki, mood of the public seemed to have become uncontrollably beclouded by heavy emotion and negative sentiments. This sentimental leaning also to a very large extent, perhaps, unfortunately beclouded the sense of judgement of the populace. The factor has till this day been responsible for the measure of disbelief toward the well intended efforts of Lagos State Government after the EndSars protests.

Some people may have formed different opinions on Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu based on his roles before, during and after the EndSars protests. However, irrespective of whatever opinion that may have been formed about the governor, he is nonetheless more of a victim in the entire
violent imbroglio.

It is an undeniable fact that Governor Sanwo-Olu was the first governor in Nigeria to identify with the EndSars protesters by carrying a placard alongside other peaceful protesters. Even, until the very minute that obvious circumstances necessitated the imposition of
curfew in Lagos State, Sanwo-Olu never hid his support for the protesters. Meanwhile, it must be stated that the unavoidable curfew was imposed by Governor Sanwo-Olu because of the worsening security situation in the state at the time.

To underscore the concern of Governor Sanwo-Olu for the protesters as well as Lagosians in general, the imposed curfew was initially slated to kick -off by 4:00pm, but the governor quickly extended it till 9:00pm even with another proviso that those trapped in traffic should not be molested. Meanwhile, the whole essence of the curfew was to restore sanity and public order to the Center of Excellence a the time.

It was most unfortunate however, that the military moved into Lekki, perhaps too early at about 6.30pm, when the curfew was expected to take effect from 9:00pm. Regretably, peaceful protesters were all seated and waving Nigerian flag and singing the national anthem when the military came calling. But, it could not be denied in clear conscience that Army did not shoot into the protesters with live bullets. And of course, some protesters got injured while a few may have also died in the process. But it must be underscored that the protesters could not have possibly injured or killed themselves if not precipitated by the bullets of soldiers.

Many thoughts provoking questions have been raised on what led to the unfortunate episode that chronicled the sad events of that fateful Tuesday. However, the most critical of the questions was who actually called for the deployment of soldiers in Lagos State. Agreed that Brigadier General Ahmed Taiwo had mentioned at the Lagos Judicial Panel that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu called for the deployment of soldiers. The governor must have possibly made the request because the police were clearly overstretched and overwhelmed at the time.

Nevertheless, the governor never denied inviting the Army alongside other security agencies. It must be noted however, that Sanwo-Olu was not categorical in his initial response. But, he was palpably more disturbed by the very news of bloodshed and fatalities in Lekki. Naturally, any innocent governor would perhaps be more preoccupied with saving the lives of the injured, absolving himself and his government from any complicity in the alleged killings. These much as well as helping to quench the already stoked fire of violence were the preoccupation of Governor Sanwo-Olu at the time.

Moreso, the seeming oversight of Governor Babajide may have angered more than a few persons in the state. But the conspicuous sincerity of the governor and that of his team manifested in a follow up statement issued by one of his media aides. The aide admitted unequivocally that the governor had actually invited the military alongside other security agencies to enforce the curfew statewide. Sadly, however, people failed to take any serious cognisance of this important clarification.

In in the face of imminent complete breakdown of law and order in Lagos State, the governor could be said to have acted appropriately by inviting the army and other security agencies to help restore normalcy. But it is not within the powers of Sanwo-Olu to dish out Rules of Engagement to the soldiers. Moreover, the invited soldiers were expected to have been fully briefed by their superiors and therefore comply strictly with the acceptable non-kinetic approach.

Moreso, inviting the military to maintain the terms of an imposed curfew by the state should not have been abused in any way. It could never have been imagined by the governor and anyone else in his cabinet that the invited soldiers could have acted unprofessionally; let alone resort to unbridled violation of citizens rights and reckless raining of live bullets on innocent, peaceful and unarmed protesters.

Inasmuch as Governor Sanwo-Olu
does not determine the terms of engagement of the military in the discharge of a lawful order, he should also not be held guilty for any form of open misuse and application of overly excessive force in containment of civil disobedience.

Curiously, the army had attempted, albeit unsuccessfully to pass bucks of the needless killings to the Lagos State Government as well as the Governor. The army had attempted to capitalize on the noticed communication lapse of the state at the time of the crisis to shift blame of culpability. Notwithstanding the buck passing efforts of the army, its attempt to push blame of the alleged Lekki killings to Governor, this effort will continue to remain a charge that
does not and cannot stick.

Truth will constantly remain as the truth irrespective of any embellishment given to lies. Governor Sanwo-Olu could not have openly declared support for the peaceful EndSars protesters from the beginning and still instruct the military to use live bullets on them. This does not align with good reasoning. Therefore, Nigerian Army, and not Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu should be held liable for the alleged unfortunate killings of innocent youths at the Lekki Toll Gate in the dark of Tuesday, October 20, 2020.

By Lekan Lawani

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LCCI DG Says New E-commerce Group Will Ensure a More Conducive Policy And Regulatory Environment For The Sector




From improving sales volume, to facilitating automated processes in business transactions and the application of new technology, there’s no disputing the fact that ecommerce is opening up the Nigerian economy at an impressive rate.

Thriving on a digital economy platform, ecommerce boasts an incredible level of cost-efficiency of connecting sellers with buyers, which makes it a potent tool for business growth, especially for SMEs.

Interestingly, the unfolding relevance and inherent benefit of the ecommerce ecosystem is beginning to attract the interest of relevant stakeholders.

Recently, CBN Governor, Godwin Emiefiele stated that the digital space and its accompanying economic activities will further open up the Nigerian economy, drive financial inclusion and create more jobs.

According to Emiefiele, the impact is obvious for all to see, as the regulatory framework put in place by the apex bank has opened up the digital space for innovation in the Payment Service System thus driving financial inclusion and employment creation.

Few weeks after Emiefile’s comments, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, (LCCI) announced the inauguration of an ecommerce sectoral group under its banner in conjunction with Jumia and other ecommerce players.

Among other things, the group is expected to support the development of private enterprises in various sectors of the Nigerian economy by exposing their products to a larger market.

Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established for the promotion and protection of Trade and Industry, and to represent and express the opinion of the business community on matters affecting trade and industry in Lagos, and by extension Nigeria.

Speaking on the essence of the ecommerce group, Director General of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr. Muda Yusuf explained that the pivotal role taken up by digital platforms in the Nigerian economy in recent times, necessitated the formation of the group.  “Digital platforms have been playing a major role in the issue of trade and commerce in the country, so this informed the formation of the ecommerce group in LCCI,” he stated.

The ultimate goal is to achieve a robust digital economy that will work to the benefit of all stakeholders. On this front, the DG stated that the group will work towards attainment of a more conducive policy and regulatory environment needed for the industry to thrive for the benefit of all stakeholders.

“The beneficiaries are all the investors in that space; the government and the entire players in the economy because the whole idea is to ensure that we create a better policy and regulatory environment for that segment of the economy to thrive, grow and contribute a lot more to the Nigerian economy.”

While working with key players in the ecommerce industry was a masterstroke by LCCI, the appointment of the group Chairman was a well thought out process.

At the inauguration of the group, Jumia Chairwoman and Head of Institutional Affairs, Juliet Anammah was appointed Chairman to lead the group activities. Commenting on the appointment, Yusuf said the group felt that Juliet with her wealth of experience and position in the industry, is best suited to drive the affairs of the group towards attainment of its objectives.

“The choice was informed by the fact that she’s the chair of a major player in the industry, Jumia is a major player in the ecommerce space. And we felt that such a person is best positioned to drive this initiative by LCCI,” he stated.

The ecommerce space is gaining more relevance in Nigeria. The recent attention by stakeholders to the sector is a welcome development, and if properly managed and given adequate policy cum legislative support, will go a long way in improving the country’s economic fortunes.

By Adedoyin Giwa

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The reaffirmation of Adesola Adeduntan as the Managing Director First Bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is a strategic and bold decision aimed at stabilizing Nigeria’s financial sector.



Adesola Adeduntan, the Managing Director of First Bank is a miracle-working Banker. Unlike the middling marabou, his miracles aren’t deceptive in nature rather each one is an event that creates faith in his abilities as fiscal guru and bank chief. Adeduntan is not just administrative Managing Director (MD) but a seasoned leader.



Administrators are always cheap and easy to find, and even cheaper to keep but leaders are worth their weight in gold. Leaders are risk takers and they are often in very short supply; ones with enduring vision however, like Adeduntan, are pure gold.



When he assumed the mantle of leadership at First Bank, pundits believed he had come in to play the role of an undertaker due to the destructive plunder visited on the bank by its previous directors.



However, Adeduntan eventually rescued the bank from collapse. Besides entrenching a culture of professionalism and excellent results in the bank, he ensured that there are no more dirty deals going on within the bank’s halls.



There’s sanity in First bank even as you read. The Bank Chief understands that leadership is not just about operationalising some empty formulae but establishing deep connection at group and personal levels through service, determination, uprightness, and poise.


Within the period, he has transformed the bank via visionary initiatives and he has also done a great deal to reclaim debts owed the bank by defaulting clients. Since he assumed leadership, he has outlawed dirty loan deals and is currently on a very successful crusade to reclaim huge loan debts from the bank’s chronic debtors.




Little wonder some disgruntled elements within the bank want him out by all possible means.



According to the letter doing the rounds and also signed by Haruna B. Mustafa, this particular letter noted that CBN’s attention had been drawn to media reports that the Board of Directors had approved the removal of the current Managing Director of the bank, Dr. Sola Adeduntan and appointed a successor.



The apex bank stated that it was concerned that this action was taken without due consultation with the regulatory authorities especially given the systemic importance of First Bank Ltd.


The Bank noted that since Adeduntan’s tenure was yet to expire and there was no report from the Board of any infraction, there therefore appears to be no apparent justification for the removal.



The CBN said it was particularly concerned because the purported removal of Adeduntan was coming at a time the CBN has provided various liquidity support to reposition the bank.



Adding “It is also curious that to observe that the sudden removal of the MD/CEO was done about eight months to the expiry of his second tenure which is due on December 31, 2021.


“The removal of a sitting MD/CEO of a systematically important bank that has been under regulatory forbearance for 5 to 6 years without prior consultation and justifiable basis has dire implications for the bank and also portends significant risks to the stability of the financial system.


Dr. Adesola was appointed the Executive Director/Group Chief Financial Officer of First Bank, in July 2014. As the Executive Director/Group CFO, he handled the banks’ financial control, internal control and enhancement, business performance management, treasury and procurement functions.


After 2years with First Bank, Dr Adesola was appointed the Managing Director of the bank, succeeding Bisi Onasanya. He resumed the role on the 4th of January 2016.


Dr Adesola’s office covers the bank’s commercial banking subsidiaries which include: FBN UK, FBN Ghana, FBN DRC, FBN Guinea, FBN Gambia, FBN Mortgages, and First Pension Custodian Limited.


After Adesola concluded his compulsory NYSC service year, he got a job at the main branch of Afribank (Nig) Plc, Ibadan, as a graduate trainee. He worked at Afribank for 18 months, carrying out different banking operations, including cash management, clearing, credit risk management, and foreign operations.


Dr Adesola left Afribank in September 1995 and started working with Arthur Andersen Nigeria. He rose to a managerial role in the firms’ financial department, before leaving the firm in May 2002.


As a manager, Dr Adesola pioneered and supervised the statutory audit of some leading Nigerian banks. Before he became a manager, he was the lead instructor of the local office basic accounting training and induction course in 1999


. In 2000, he served as an instructor at the Andersen World-Wide induction training for new hires in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Adekunle Abolaji,

Business Journalist.

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Igbo & Yoruba are the Biggest Fools in Africa, By Biodun Omole




Nigeria is a strange item Of the 16 Republics in the world, only Nigeria uses empty landmass as federating units, instead of ethnic nationalities.


Nigeria is the only oil-producing country where oil blocks are allocated to individuals, instead of government.
Nigeria is the only country in the world whose Constitution maintains a conflicting dual ideology – Democracy and Sharia.


As both cannot co-habit, one must give way. That is the War going on now under Buhari’s watch. Recall the Sultan of Sokoto – who doubles as Head of Fulani Oligarchy and Nigerian Monarchy – recently declared in USA that he does not recognise the Nigerian Constitution, but Sharia only.


“It is to be ignorant and blind in the Science of Commanding Armies, to think that a general has anything more important to do than to apply himself to learning the inclinations and the character of his adversary”. John Laffin [Links of Leadership].


While the Igbo and  were busy roaming the world and ravaging all schools and libraries – studying the ancestral cultures of the Greeks, Romans, Turks, Cappadocia, Mongols, Spartans, etc, their common mole in-house (), concentrated at home perfecting psychological Jihad to lock their horns in perpetual duel of vain supremacy and foolish pride.


No doubt, the Fulani have succeeded in exploiting the mutual sense of insanity between the  and Yoruba.


Fulani is a culture of war and domination – ruthless military and political strategists. As parasites, they penetrate their host through guise and guile – deception. Recall these two encounters:



•Uthman dan Fodio vs. King Yunfa of Gobir Kingdom [then Hausa] now Sokoto by Fulani.
•Janta Alimi vs. Oba Afonja of Ilorin [then Yoruba] now Fulani.



When your brother is in trouble, you are in trouble, unless you are insane.


At the height of the Jos ownership crisis: “Look at Kano, Bida, and Ilorin – the Fulanis who are ruling there are non-indigenes and I can’t see why the same treatment will not be accorded to Jos … otherwise, there will be no peace in Nigeria” – Tanko Yakassai, former political sdviser to President Shehu Shagari [Vanguard Newspaper, 26 Jan 2009].


From Grazing Route – Grazing Reserve – Cattle Colony – Ranching – Grass from Brazil – inland Waterways – N100 billion to Miyeti Allah – Fulani ethnic Radio – RUGA – e-registration of illegal aliens – Military Ranching – back to inland Waterways again!


Taqiyya in action. The story keeps changing, but the subject matter remains the same – land takeover!


Remember Terwase Agwarza [aka GANA] – a Benue militia leader who repented, laid down his arms, and surrendered to Nigeria’s security for amnesty. And the military killed him in surrender.


But in Katsina, Governor Masari and some military officers held a peace meeting with terrorist bandits. The bandits attended carrying assault rifles in the presence of the governor and the military, yet nobody killed anybody. They know themselves!


Few weeks ago, UAE announced that it had convicted six Nigerians for funding Boko Haram terrorists. Nigerian government would not collaborate with UAE to track down BH sponsors. It’s still busy hunting #ENDSARS# sponsors!


Rather, FG had advised the convicts to appeal to the Supreme Court in UAE, promising to also use diplomatic avenues to help them out! They know themselves.


Recall it was “Igbo coup 1966” – to unite other Nigerians against Igbo. Then came “No Victor No Vanquished 1970” – to deny responsibility after the genocide.


Recently it became “IPOB is a terrorist organisation” – to divert attention from the real terrorists, and to justify further pogrom on the Igbo. And now, it’s “Igbo sponsored #ENDSARS to overthrow Buhari’s government”.


Also, “Igbo destroyed Yoruba economic assets in Lagos”.


Meanwhile, Buhari and his Fulani tribesmen [local and imported] have been executing “their mandate” happily and successfully.


The rest of Nigerians – the highly educated and civilised, the sleeping majority, the self-defeating saints, etc., are the only ones thinking that Buhari is worried, that FG is failing Nigerians, that Buhari is fighting BH, poverty, etc., and that Nigeria is practising democracy.


“The world will never respect Africa until Nigeria earns that respect” —Nelson Mandela.


Madiba, Father of Africa! I tearfully regret to inform you that the Igbo and Yoruba of Nigeria, locked in a most foolish contest of wild goose chase, while the stranger plunders their common inheritance, have insanely sworn to “fall your hand”.


If your brother is in trouble, you are in trouble, unless you are insane.



Credit: Sundiata Post

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