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I Caught My Four-Month Pregnant Wife in Bed With Another Man – Cleric



A cleric, Abdulrasheed Olalere narrated how he caught his wife, Mariam in bed with another man when she was just four months pregnant.



Olalere, who filed a divorce suit against Mariam, accused her of infidelity and attempts to elope with her lover.


He said they settled and he accepted his wife back after he caught her cheating on him with another man.



”I caught Mariam in bed sleeping with another man when she was just four months pregnant. I was angry with her but we settled the matter,” he said. ” The man also laid claims to the baby. But after medical reports, revealed that the date given by the man proved him wrong about the date of the pregnancy, I accepted her back.”



The cleric added that after interventions from different people, things started going on smoothly between them until his wife went back to her lover.



He said “My lord, I caught her trying to elope with that same man. Mariam is wayward.”



Reacting to all the allegation, Mariam insisted that her husband was irresponsible and uncaring.



She didn’t deny that she attempted to elope with her ex-boyfriend.



The Mapo Customary Court sitting in Ibadan on Friday dissolved the six-year-old marriage in the interest of peace.



The President of the court, Chief Ademola Odunade held that the marriage was initially not built on a solid foundation of love and trust.



Odunade awarded custody of the child to Mariam and directed Olalere to pay N5,000 for the child’s monthly upkeep.

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You Shouldn’t Take Your Sex Life For Granted




“Most men think they’re great in bed,” observed Jane, a marriage counsellor.  “But much as we love our men, a five-minute quickie before lights out really doesn’t get the earth moving!  It’s not that they lack enthusiasm.  They’re just being typical male – always ready for action.


The problem is their technique – most of them don’t have any.  Foreplay is clumsy and hurried, and as for the sex, it’s always wham, bam … was that it?” Fortunately, all is not lost for these men.



According to Canadian expert Lou Paget, author of How To Be A Great Lover, the key to fabulous sex is foreplay


. Common mistake men make is thinking that the things they enjoy will be pleasurable for their partner too.  For instance, the man who doesn’t like a tongue in his ear is rare, but the woman who does like it is rarer.


“For most women, the ‘melt zone is the neck.  We go gaga when kissed there.  Another help are sex toys.  The job of a sex toy is to enhance, not take over”.

“Even if you’ve not used toys before, they can add spark to your sex life. But what if your man feels threatened by the stiff competition?  Men should think of a vibrator as being like the TV remote control – they can take charge if you want them to”.


Another problem is finding your partner’s G-spot.  According to Lou, “The G-spot is located inside the vagina entrance, above the pubic bone in the front wall. If a man imagines your vaginal entrance as a clock, the G-spot is typically at 12 noon.


In order to ‘hit the spot’, the man should use the middle finger in a circular motion.  Another tip is for him to press gently on top of a vagina with his other hand.

This will increase a woman’s pleasure”.  Lou pointed out that it’s not just men who need to re-think their technique.  Women should be willing to expand their bedroom skills too.


First, a woman has to learn how to stimulate her man by the hand. “It is an easy skill to master,” she says.  “For practice, ask your man to raise his two middle fingers in the air.


Grasp the base of his fingers with your thumb facing down.  Next, you need to move your hand up, twisting as if opening a jar, then back down again.



Another tip is for a woman to wrap bead necklaces round her hand or her partner’s penis before beginning manual stimulation. He’s bound to love the different texture.”


Lou then gives these tips for couples: kiss each other all over, so that your partner knows exactly how much suction or pressures you prefer on a specific area, demonstrate on their finger or tongue. Get filthy with food:


Buy your partner’s favourite food and then serve it somewhere you wouldn’t normally – if you get her drift!  List three areas of your body you want to be attended to most.


Don’t make your partner guess what turns you on. Tell them where and how you want to be touched.  Buy a sex book and highlight your preferences.  Pink highlights for you, blue for him.  Then throw down the book on the bed.


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FIFA Disapproves of Super League —Infantino




FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Tuesday there is “no doubt whatsoever” that football’s world governing body “disapproves” of the proposed European Super League (ESL) and that clubs involved could face “consequences”.

Twelve major clubs launched plans Monday for a new breakaway league which would drastically change the landscape of the world’s most popular sport.

“At FIFA we can only and strongly disapprove the creation of the Super League, of a Super League who is a closed shop, a breakaway from the current institutions, from the leagues, from the associations, from UEFA, and from FIFA,” Infantino told a UEFA congress in Switzerland.

“There is no doubt whatsoever of FIFA’s disapproval for this.”

Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur are the six English clubs involved, together with Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid from Spain and Italian trio Juventus, AC Milan and Inter Milan.


UEFA has said the teams would be banned from domestic and other European competitions, including the Champions League.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, the head of the new ESL, has insisted that would be “impossible”, but Infantino threatened action as FIFA took a stronger stance than it did with its initial statement when the news first broke.


“It is our task to protect the European sport model, so if some elect to go their own way then they must live with the consequences of their choices,” said Infantino.

“They are responsible for their choices.

“Either you’re in or you’re out. You can’t be half in and half out. Think of it, this has to be absolutely, absolutely clear.”


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Tottenham Interested in Barcelona Defender Emerson Royal




Estadio Deportivo says Spurs are among a number of potential suitors interested in taking on the player, who currently plays his football at Real Betis.


The Catalan giants are keen to sell the 22-year-old and have put a £21million (€25m) price tag on the Brazilian.


Barca currently own 50 per cent of the player but have the option to purchase another 30 per cent from Betis if they so wish.


But Betis, who would like to keep him, cannot afford to sign him permanently due to lack of funds.


Emerson’s current deal with Betis runs until the end of the season, when Barcelona will have the option to sign him for £5.2m.

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