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Imobi Residents Out To Defend Nollywood Actor, Omogoriola Hassan Over Kinship Tussle In Ogun



Goriola Hassan

Indigenes of Imobi communities in Ijebu East local government have said popular movie Actor-cum-director, Goriola Hassan is a bonafide son and is therefore qualified to aspire to become the traditional ruler of the town.



The people of Imobi, that makes of different towns in the local government made this clarification while speaking over the petition said to have been written by a group called Sons and Daughters of Imobi to the Ogun State House of Assembly saying that Goriola Hassan is allegedly from Isiwo and is therefore not qualified to aspire to become a traditional ruler of the town.




Speaking with this medium over the allegation, Chief Omotayo Bello, the Oluti of Uba land said that there could be nothing farther from the truth and claims of the group.




Oluti said that the father of the thespian was actually from, Uba, one of the 32 communities making up Imobi only that his grandmother had left the village with her children to Isiwo, her hometown several years ago, hence Goriola father was well known in Isiwo, having grown up there instead of his original source, Uba community.





The community leader said that Goriola’s father, a very popular and wealthy Goldsmith that was quite used to Isiwo during his life time but the truth is that, the community was his maternal hometown while Uba, one of the communities in Imobi is his father’s home town and that Oseiku, the great grandfather of Goriola Hassan was amongst the early founders of Uba community.

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Speaking about his mother, the Late Mulikat Abeke Ireyemi was from Itanpa in the area. Her dad was the first Otunba of the community, while one of her brothers was the first chief Imam of Imobi Ogun State.




Chief Omotayo Bello added that “We were quite happy when Goriola Hassan came and said he was interested in becoming the traditional ruler of the town because for a very long time, we have had no one.




“After our investigation, we found out that his father was indeed from Uba. He later met with the Baales and even renovated one abandoned government building for them to be having their meeting.




“Suddenly, a group called ‘Sons and Daughters of Imobi emerged and said that he is from Isiwo Ijebu and all of that, they petitioned the Ogun State House of Assembly and here we are to lend our voice to the matter. The truth is that he is from Imobi and he is entitled to every right just like any of us”




Other residents who also confirmed that Goriola is from Imobi and is therefore qualified to be traditional ruler of the town are Chief Durojaiye Adesanya, Chief Idowu Banjo as well as Alhaji Fatai Oresanya.




Speaking however with our Correspondent, Prince Sylvester Olalekan Bakare, an executive member of Imobi Descendants Union said that the union petitioned the state assembly to stop Goriola Hassan from parading himself as the Olu of Imobi because such office never existed and moreover he was never at any time made the traditional ruler of the town.

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Sylvester said that while it may be difficult to say that he is not from Imobi because generally, people from Odosanyin and Isiwo Ijebu are related to people from Imobi but the sons and daughters of Imobi are querying while someone who had never been known with the town for about 53 years will appear from the blue last year August and impose himself as the traditional ruler of the town.




He explained that “The sons and daughters of the town said that they don’t want him because he had never followed the laid down procedure. As we speak the office of Olu of Imobi or Olu of Uba doesn’t exist, how come he goes about parading himself as Olu of Imobi? Who made him one? What we have in these communities are Baale. He has only come to cause disaffection and crisis in our peaceful domain. The town has rejected him and so, he should leave us alone”.




In another development, in a bid to refute the claim by the Onitasin of Itasin, anot6her community in the area, that he is the paramount ruler of Imobi, one of the indigenes in the community has said, the king only has right to rule his domain, not Imobi.



He added that, Awujale remains the paramount ruler, while our oba-elect would be in charge of the whole Imobi towns and villages not Onitasin.


Meanwhile, the House of Assembly on Tuesday asked Mr. Goriola Hassan to appear before it on September 2 by 11 am over his purported claim to Obaship stool at Imobi.

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Twins Anniversary: Titanic Struggle Of The Apostles Against Stopping The Killing Of Twins By Oro Cult, Aiyetoro – Ilaje Celebrates Their Founding Fathers




Aiyetoro community in Ilaje Local Government area of Ondo State is celebrating freedom of twins by the titanic struggle of their founding fathers – ‘the Apostles’ against stopping the killing of twins by ‘Oro Cult’.




Rev Omotayo Adebanjo, Conference chairman, Holy Apostle Church, Ayetoro Community who spoke on behalf of the community head, HSM, Oba Micah Olaseni Ajijo, the Ogeloyinbo of Aiyetoro and Spiritual Head of Holy Apostles’ Church worldwide, said the anniversary is taking place in Aiyetoro community with the theme – … by works was faith made perfect? James 2:22. Revival service on 16th – 18th while thanksgiving service is scheduled for 22nd August, 2021.




In Ilaje, especially Ugbo tradition, did not, until the first half of the 20th century, allow twins to survive longer than the days that they were born. As a matter of fact, they would be killed instantly. The authority that was responsible for the killing of twins was called “Oro cult”. The movement of the Apostles to stop the killing of the twins in Ilaje land started in 1943. From 1943 to 1945, many of the Apostles were taken to court and prosecuted and sentenced to jail.




However, in one of the court cases, the custodians of the Oro cult in Ilaje, who were the traditional chiefs both in Mahin and Ugbo kingdoms, denied the allegation leveled against them by the Apostles that they were killing twins and this gave the Apostles courage to pursue their missions. In 1945, they successfully fought against the killing of twins by saving the lives of the oldest twins in Ilaje land as of today – Taiwo and Kehinde Ejagbomo nee Erukubami who were officially and legally recorgnised as the first twins in Ilaje who survived the killing of twins by the “Oro Cult”.

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They were born in 1945. And in line with the extant practice, they were taken into the bush and hidden for several days with their mother. And they successfully escaped to where the Apostles were securing and caring for them.




Meanwhile, the father of the twins, Mr. Ejagbomo was a member of the Oro Cult who believed that the twins were children of abomination and should be killed. But their mother was a member of the Holy Apostle Church who did not believe in the killing of twins.




Aiyetoro is a community in Ilaje Local Government which is situated on the Atlantic coast and about seven miles away from the Mahin Lagoon. The community is often called, ‘the happy city’. It is inhabited by the members of the Holy Apostles’ Community Church. The town is run and administered on communal bases.




They are mostly Ilajes, most of the leading members came from Ugbo and Mahin. Due to religious differences with the native authorities, they went to establish and settle in the community. The economic life of the town was communistic in nature.




The movement/church – the Holy Apostles Church was founded in 1943 while Aiyetoro community was founded on 12th January, 1947 by the Holy Apostles Church. The church predates the community. In other words, the Holy Apostles Church had been in existence before Aiyetoro community was founded in 1947.




The leadership of the Apostles’ movement and missionary work comprised of notable people such as Apostles Peter E. Ojagbohunmi, Z.O. Okenla, Z.O. Orele, M.O. Lemamu, E.O. Asakasiki, E.A. Ilemoboye, J.Y. Arowojolu and S.E. Ojomo.

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Aiyetoro community became one of the most civilized communities in the world because of their culture. In the community, they like to experiment and do something new, they live a good Christian life, established big factories, provided for electricity, and communal exploration of technical work.




All members of the community felt that they would be able to keep abreast of development and become scientifically and technically equipped to take their place among the world’s leading communities.




They reportedly had a unique way of communal relationship which was akin to communism as practiced by the early Christians in the Bible. In Aiyetoro, these militant Christians ensured that there was the public ownership of all investments.



At that early part, there was no individual ownership of property. Their peculiar way of life and place of settlement was initially opposed by some powerful rulers in Ilaje land. It, however, took the intervention of the colonial authority through the secretary of Ondo Province to allow them live as they deemed fit.




The people of Aiyetoro were reputed for their commercial living and advanced technology in fishing, transportation, industry such as carpentry and furniture, shoe making, bakery, soap making, textile and marine business.



The town was said to be so popular that it attracted the attention of Chief Obafemi Awolowo and the communist world in the 1950s, particularly the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Many students from Aiyetoro were educated through a bilateral agreement with countries like West Germany, Hungary, Austria and the United Kingdom.

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In Aiyetoro children were usually assigned to foster parents whom they lived with from the age five or six. These foster parents were responsible for their training and behavior. Every man was regarded as a father to every child here.




They saw themselves as very civilized. People came from far and wide to understudy how they did things there. Christianity played a vital role as the church leaders whom they referred to as the Holy Apostles placed more emphasis on the role of the Holy Spirit in directing their affairs.



Although, communism is no longer fully practiced in the community today, but it still plays out in their day to day activities.

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What To Know About Olu Of Warri-Designate Omoba-Tsola-Emiko




 The Olu Of Warri-Designate  Omoba Tsetsola Emiko was born into the family of Prince Godwin Toritseju Emiko, the late Ogiame Ikenwoli Atuwatse II, and Gladys Durorike Emiko in Warri April 2nd, 1984.

He was born into royalty three years before his father became the Olu of Warri. He attended the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Primary School Warri, Delta State and went to Adesoye college, Offa from 1995 to 2001.



Prince Utieyinoritsetsola Emiko attended Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and Political Science with minors in History and Economics between 2002 to 2006. He obtained a degree in a Masters in Science in Management from Case Western Reserve University in 2007 and returned to Nigeria in 2008 for his NYSC.



Upon his return to Nigeria, he worked in several public and private enterprises to gain the foundational knowledge and experience of the Nigerian business environment.



Prince Emiko gained experience from companies, including the National Petroleum Investment Management Services (NAPIMS), Sahara Energy, Shell Nigeria Closed Pension Fund Administrator (SNCFPA), where he eventually established his businesses.



He owns and operates Noble Energy Ltd and Corral Curators Ltd. He also sits on the board of companies like Ocean Marine Security Ltd, Gulf of Guinea Ltd, and Vessellink Nig Ltd, among others.



He married Ivie Okunbo, the daughter of billionaire Capt. Idahosa Okunbor in 2014.



Prince Emiko was chosen as the next Olu of Warri after the death of the late Ogiame Ikenwoli Atuwatse ll PRINCE UTIEYINORITSETSOLA EMIKO .

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He will be crowned the 21st Olu of Warri today

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THE Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland, Oba (Dr.) Sikiru Kayode Adetona, has approved the cancellation of the 2021 edition of the Annual Ojude Oba Festival of Ijebu Ode.


In a Press statement issued by the Coordinator of the Festival and Baagbimo of Ijebu, Chief (Dr.) Fassy Yusuf, the cancellation was attributed to the prevalence of the COVID-19 pandemic, its likely upsurge with the Delta variant and the negligible number of people that had taken the anti-COVID 19 vaccine.


Rather than expose peoples who will converge on Ijebu Ode from all over the world to participate in the ancient and unique socio-cultural and religious festival of the Ijebu nation, with its parade of traditional age groups and the spectacular durbar with unsurpassable equestrian display, to avoidable and preventable health hazards, the monarch directed that the 2021 edition be cancelled.


This is the second time in its known history of more than one Century that the festival that unites Muslims, Christians, and adherents of other faiths will be cancelled. The Ojude Oba Festival is normally held two days after the Eid-el Kabir (Ileya).


In his message to the Ijebu nation on the occasion of the 2021 Eid-el Kabir (10th of Dhul-Hijja 1442 AH), the monarch thanked his subjects for the peace, progress, and tranquillity pervading Ijebuland. He prayed for additional economic and social prosperity within Ijebuland and charged his people to remain resolute and be optimistic that sooner than later, Ijebu State would become a reality.


Oba Adetona further charged his people and visitors to Ijebuland during and after the festival to ensure they wear their nose masks, wash their hands regularly with soap, keep social and physical distances at public places, get vaccinated against the pandemic, and adhere to other medical protocols as directed by the federal, state, and local government authorities.

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The Awujale thanked all the sponsors of the festival for the mutually beneficial partnerships that have ensured the unparalleled success of the annual festival in the past, while also hoping that the 2022 edition would be a reality.


He further thanked his subjects for their unflinching love, affection, loyalty, and solidarity in his sixty-one years on the throne as Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland.


Chief Yusuf disclosed that whilst the monarch regrets that COVID-19 would not allow him to host his usual guests and visitors, he assures all that he is in high spirit and will be celebrating the Eid-el Kabir with his family and very few others as dictated by medical protocols. Oba Adetona prayed for the return of peace and prosperity to all troubled areas of our great and beloved country, Nigeria.


Baagbimo of Ijebu and Coordinator, OJUDE OBA FESTIVAL
Mobile: 08033154488, 08056158530, 08096158530

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