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Lukaku: Dad, My Diabetic Mum Wouldn’t Eat Dinner So My Brother And I Could



Inter and Belgium forward Romelu Lukaku revealed the struggles his family faced during his childhood and the sacrifices his parents made for both him and his brother.

Romelu Lukaku is currently starring with Inter in Serie A, bagging three goals in three games this season, after scoring 34 goals across all competitions as the Nerazzurri finished runners up in the Italian top flight and the Europa League over the last campaign. “Every day he taught me about discipline right mentality on both the training pitch and in life,” Lukaku told La Gazzetta della Sport. “He taught me about having respect for everyone you see, saying hello, looking people in the eye. They’re really simple things, but they help me every day.

Lukaku started his professional career at Anderlecht, signing a deal with the Belgian side on May 13, 2009, when he turned 16 years old. “He had videos of his goals and there was this one against Anderlecht that stuck in my head because he scored it against my favourite team in Belgium,” Lukaku added. “I was desperate to play for them and it was one of my dreams that came true.”

The forward also spoke of his mother and how she fought for her family in their hardest moments. “When my father stopped playing professionally, I was six and my mum was diagnosed with diabetes,” Lukaku recounted. “We went through a few hard years. My mum didn’t have any money so she would work in restaurants and my brother and I would go with her after matches. “My parents wouldn’t have dinner so that my brother and I could eat.”

The Belgian went on to say that he wants to do right by his mother for all she did for him. “Every time I score,” Lukaku remembered. “I make the sign of an ‘A’ to dedicate it to my mother, Adolphine, because without her I wouldn’t be who I am today.”

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Cedarwood Luxury Launches Quick Response Code




Fans of Cedarwood Luxury brand of apartments and terraces can now enjoy more perks following the Quick Response Code (QR Code), recently introduced by the management of PWAN Plus Business Concerns,  owners of Cedarwood Luxury estates.



The Managing Director of the firm, Dr. Julius Oyedemi, who disclosed this to journalists in Lagos, explained that Cedarwood Luxury Apartments and Terraces embraced the innovation in order to take its tradition of customer satisfaction a bit further.



Dr Oyedemi, who is also the Managing Director of Property World Africa Network (PWAN) Group, explained that QR Code is an innovation which business concerns are now using to enhance easy and fast access to information for accuracy and for security.



“Now if you go to our Lekki head office Cedarwood Luxury Apartments and Terraces our QR Code is conspicuously placed at our reception area, for all to just scan and then get to know more about PWAN Plus and our services.



“I saw that some real estate firms are trying to emulate what we are doing and decided that we should take the perks further, for the benefits of our huge clientele.



“We are now integrating all customers’ data and client information so that just at a scan they can see all our transaction, know more about the company, our offerings, and updates if any instantly. We are the first firm to introduce QR Code into real estate business,” Dr Oyedemi added.


According to the property guru, people living in the Diaspora will appreciate it more because they are more digitally inclined. He explained: “They don’t need to spend more on making calls unless when it’s absolutely necessary.


“All they need to do is scan our QR Code and it takes them to our companies domain where they can access every information first hand. It is also relevant security wise,” Dr Oyedemi further explained.


Barr Rejoice Alabi, Personal Assistant to the Managing Director, threw more light on the QR Code pointing out it’s unique relevance to real estate practice.



“It is a two dimensional barcode used for inscription of website, PDF documents linked to YouTube and a lot more things. In real estate what we sell is information; and you can use the code to plant information in a very unique way such that people can quickly get relevant information first hand, not through a third party.



“When you use PR code to send information people get the accurate information, because they are not redirected to another platform that will direct them into another platform before they get the information,” Be. Alabi said.


He related how the firm to leveraged on the enormous potentials of QR Code to make bumper sales even during covid-19 pandemic era.


“Our business received tremendous boast during the lockdown period, without engendering physical contact, just because we deployed the innovative QR Code.


“We now have QR codes in different sizes, we have QR codes for documents, we have QR code for large display, for events and what have you. All of these we have adopted to make our business as well as customer satisfaction more effective.



Explaining how the code works Alabi said when the link of a website is imputed on QR code software, it generates a very unique QR code for that particular website.


And when people scan it, they are redirected to the website and they will see all about the website. “If you have a product on your website, they will know about it firsthand.  The website also bears a lot of information about your business, the product you are selling, the location, price and other details, Br. Alabi said.


“Invariably, QR Code is a secured unique inscription to direct clients to our website. A lot of people are counterfeiting a lot of things these days; but the deployment of QR Code becomes a way of securing things digitally.


“If you have your product in scripted in your QR code, nobody will come and counterfeit it because they can’t counterfeit QR code. All they can do is to end up creating another QR code which can’t work with what you have. It is indeed a way of securing information and making sure that people have the right and accurate information.


“The QR Code has also a unique role to play in real estate documentation.   Let’s say a client buys a property in one of our estates, for instance,  Cedarwoods Luxury, the clients will definitely have plot demarcation number , bearing the details of his or her plot. It will also have the person who allocated that property and other unique details so that if you scan the code you have it all,” Alabi further explained.

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Waiting For Men To Demand Sex In Relationships Childish — Yetunde Bakare




While some women are shy about initiating sex with their partners, an actress, Yetunde Bakare, does not see anything wrong with it.


During an encounter with Sunday Scoop, Bakare said, “Waiting for one’s partner to make the (first) move is childish. Women have their moments too. There are times we (women) feel sexually aroused and if one does not make a move, one’s partner is not a witch and would not be able to guess what’s going on with one.


That’s why some women have terrible mood swings. They want it (sex) but feel too shy or proud to ask for it. If one’s partner is one’s best friend, asking for sex should not be a big deal.”


The actress also debunked the claims made by some that Nollywood is not lucrative. She said, “I disagree (with that) absolutely. If it was not a lucrative business, there wouldn’t be any successful filmmaker.


However, we have people like Funke Akindele, Mo Abudu and Kemi Adetiba, who have shown that one can be successful in Nollywood. If one makes a good movie with high standards, one would definitely enjoy doing the business.”


The role interpreter, who is active on social media, also noted being on such platforms had affected her positively. She added, “Being on social media has affected me positively and it has also changed a few things about me.


People close to me know that I neither keep friends nor go out a lot. However, mixing with people on social media has been good for me. Negativity does not get to me because I have a thick skin and I don’t take anything to heart. I simply use the ‘block button’ and that ends it.”


Bakare also noted that she had lost roles because some people believed that dark skin wasn’t camera friendly.


“I lost a lot of roles back in the days because they believed dark skin was not camera friendly. But, I thank God that a lot of things have changed. Now, talent is all that matters”.


On whether she can act as an influencer for a sex enhancement product, she said, “Yes, I can be a social media influencer for sex enhancement products. I think it is about time we start talking about it because sex is one of the fundamentals of marriage.”

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“I Left My Wife Because Of Her Secret Affairs With Ex-Zamfara Gov., Yari” -Hon. Dangulbi Reveals



Secret Affairs

“The bold decision I took to divorce my former wife Binta, followed my eye witness and third party confirmation of a long secret relationship between my former wife Binta, and the former governor of Zamfara State Abdul Aziz Abubakar Yari.”
“I have fulfilled all the obligations stated in the Holy Quran by severally warning my former wife to stay away from the former governor but unfortunately Binta openly opposed to my series of warnings.”
These were the words of Hon. Salisu Isah (Tafidan Dangulbi) the Chairman of Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State, Northwest Nigeria.
The current Administrator of the said local government has Just officially separated with his wife Hajiya Binta Jarma, after he said he caught and also got confirmation from a third party of his wife having a secret affairs with the ex-Governor.
In another development, one of the close aides to the former governor who pleaded for anonymity said, “upon hearing the divorce story, the former governor out of cheer happiness, gifted Hajiya Binta a sum of N 30, 000, 000 (thirty million naira) to continue with her day to day life.
With another promise to secure a job for her in any of the Federal Government parastatal, or APC National Headquarters Abuja.” The source revealed.
Recall that, in January 2016, an online medium published an article of a secret relationship between Yari and Zahra Buhari the daughter of president Muhammad Buhari, where the publication showed how the Former governor gifted the President’s daughter $200,000 000, s move that allegedly made the presidency to issued a stern warning to Yari, to stay away from the President’s daughter.

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