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Mike Abdul Exposes Midnight Crew !



MIKE ABDUL is a songwriter, singer ,music producer and member of the popular MIDNIGHT CREW.

In this interview with Thepage, the gospel crooner reveals what makes him a solid star and made a revelation about Midnight Crew.

Q: How long have you been in this profession.

A: I started singing professionally since the 8th of November 2001.

Q: can you say you have attained mastery in art of  music.

I keep working on myself. I have not reached perfection so i keep doing my best, keep reinventing MIKE ABDUL.

Mike Abdul

Q: Tell us about your struggle and developmental process.

A:Our industry like every other industry comes with challenges; creating ideas, developing the ideas into songs, interpreting the ideas with melodies, making the music paint your thoughts into a beautiful piece of artwork and promoting your works to your target audience per time. Every struggle is a department of its own.

Q:Are you on  a record label?

A: I’m a RECORD LABEL founder, SPAGHETTI RECORDS was founded on the 12th of June 2012 and we’re blessed with 3 artists; Mike Abdul, Monique and A’DAM.

Q: As an independent artist, how challenging has it been for you since you are the one picking the bills

A: As an independent artist, you should treat yourself as an organisation and divide that organisation into departments. Develop systems that run each department and do the work one step at a time. If all you think of is how to foot the bills, you’ve just created a mountain of obstacles for yourself.

Q:Would you like to attain greatness as an independent artist, or signed to a record label.

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A:Being signed to a RECORD LABEL is same as being signed into an employment.  You are signed to work. The only difference is that yOu can now do your work through an existing working system. you’re not signed into wealth, you’re signed to work.

Q:Which of your songs would you like people to download?

A: All my sOngs of course but for the purpose of this interview, I’ll say KOREDE bY Mike Abdul.

Mike Abdul

Q: Can you share the download or streaming link for the audio or video?

KOREDE bY Mike Abdul is on iTunes and also on BOOMPLAY Music::

KOREDE bY Mike Abdul also has a vidEo oN YouTube .

Q: Tell us what keeps you going.

A:THE jOy of GOD keeps me. I beLieve GOD iS THE beginning and ending of all things. A deliberate relationship with GOD iS SUPER COOL.

Q:what advice do you have for Independent artists like you, what pit falls should they avoid.

A:Trust GOD with all your heart, do not lean on yOur understanding. Get the understanding and get GOD. Those that know their GOD are wise.

Q: What do we expect from pastor Mike soon?

A: More songs, more videos and more events.

Midnight Crew

Q:, let talk on Mid Night Crew, whats  cooking?

A: We’re on some projects. We’re not talking about it yet.

By; Faleye Oluwatosin


Dayo Kujore’s Daughter Exposes Gov’ Dapo Abiodun …”I Saw My Father’s Death Coming”



Call it the vituperations of a bereaved daughter, you won’t be far from the truth, because the daughter of Late Juju Crooner, Wonder Dayo Kujore who passed on some days ago, Ayinke Dayo Kujore is very angry.
She is angry at the Ogun state Governor, Dapo Abiodun whom she said has not considered it of necessity to condole with the family since the death of the popular and illustrious son of Ogun State and Nigeria.
Ayinke was with her father when he breathed his last, but was the death a surprise to her? May be not. Because according to the late entertainer’s daughter, she saw her father’s death coming.
In this encounter with ThePageNews, Ayinke explained it all:
I was always around with my father. We were so close and i related closely with him. My father was actually a loving, accommodating and a disciplinarian
Getting to see him dying even while in the hospital was an event with mixed feeling….one, I’m happy that, i was on ground when he breathed his last….and I thank God that he didn’t bury any of his children. Its not a good thing for parents to witness the death of their children in our culture.
But then, seeing my father die was not something pleasant at all. You know that, no matter how old our parents are, i believe, no one would be happy seeing his father or mother transiting to a journey of no return. I never thought, my father will die so soon. We shared many things. He had plans for himself and the entire family for the year 2022.. It was not funny at all. As i speak with you now, its still like hallucination or perhaps day dreaming.
I still feel he is asleep and would soon wake up to life. Honestly, I cant imagine referring to my adorable father in the past tense now. So sad, i have indeed lost a good friend, my gist mate
My relationship with my Dad was so cool. Very very cordial. My dad, confided so much in me. Also seeing me becoming more successful in the entertainment industries is another thing that gives my Dad lots of joy and happiness. I saw him as a friend, not as father at times.. sometimes, when there was need for him to act as a father in most of my dealings or activities, he never hesitated and he didn’t spare anyone trying to mess up around me, when it’was time to merry or throw banters, he was always there as well.
I would miss many things about him. Is it the attention, is it the affection, is it the love, is it the quality advice that you can never get anywhere, except from a loving father like him.. My father was so compassionate in our welfare and education. He instilled in us decency, integrity , decorum and ability to always find capacity to handle whatever comes our ways as children.
Burial Plans….
 Being an entertainer himself, we are planning to give him a befitting celebration of life at a date that would be announced later, meanwhile, we are planning to bury him in Robiyan town, Ifo Local govt of Ogun State, on January 28th to 30th, though, just like i said earlier, a better day for the celebration of life would be picked later.
I will seize this opportunity to register my displeasure at our governments because they don’t appreciate and value the talent of their citizens. In advanced Countries, they see their stars as idol or lesser gods and they treat them with values, and respect even in death, but Nigeria is different. Since the death of my father, till now that I am speaking with you, no condolence letter from either Federal or state government. My father hailed from Ogun State and he used his music to display the rich cultures of Nigeria and Ogun State in particular to the entire World. His love for his country and state knew no bound, but sad that Governor of Ogun State, His Excellency, Dapo Abiodun has not considered it fit and necessary to write and sympathize with us, the children. Why, why why…?
I remember when my father traveled abroad for a concert, and he was interviewed by international Journalists, funnily, he responded to the questions in Egba, Abeokuta language. You can see the extent of his love for his country and state.
Saw His Death Coming……
I saw the death coming. I actually dreamt about a month before that he died. I wept in the dream and I prayed for a reversal but i never knew that it would certainly come to pass.
But did he have unfulfilled wishes?
”Yes, he had… He is supposed to go on three months musical tours of United States of America, via Toykay Investment & Music Promotion. All the arrangements have done and sealed. He also confided in me that, he would use the proceeds of the musical tours to build Church for God and handover it to an undisclosed Pentecostal church. He had good and quality relationships with God”.
Marriage Ceremony….
It was reported that he got married recently. Was that something you were in support of.
”Sure. It was not an hidden thing. It was an elaborate one. Of course, trust a successful and high profile musician like my Dad, wives were never an issue. He cared for his home.
~~ Femi Adepoju

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Doyin Aggrey Sets To Drop Fan’s New Year Package,Inu Okunkun



She rocked the Cinema with a star studded and colourful movie tagged Italian Gold in 2021.
And barely few weeks into the new year, Doyin Aggrey has concluded plans to drop yet another statement making movie titled Inu Okunkun. (In The Dark)
Inu OKUNKUN…. the movie
 is a story of a newly wedded couple facing difficulties in their marriage which result into domestic violence, abuses and betrayal.
Find out from this intriguing movie who killed kelvin.
Produced by Doyin Aggrey
Directed by Apankufor
Jaiye Kute
Doyin Aggrey
Damola olatunji
Ayo olaiya
Laid folarin
Ayo Badmus
Bose arowosegbe
Aishat Raji
Kehinde kunle ogungbangbe
Atinuke Kazeem ( mama no network)
And many more
According to Aggrey, the work will be released on the 17 the of this month.” It’s my new year present to my fans” she mentioned.

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Daughter Reveals Kujore’s Real Age Says: He Was Neither 63 Nor 64



The daughter of Late Wonder Dayo Kujore, Ayinke Oluwatosin Kujore has put a lie to claims that her musician father died at 63.
Tosin who informed that the family will soon make an official announcement of his father’s death said Wonder Kujore actually died on the 10th of January 2022 at the ripe age of 70.
The page News gathered that Kujore had a befitting marriage ceremony about three weeks ago to his long time lover who is based in the United States of America.
Sources informed that the marriage ceremony was attended by many family members while his ‘original’ wife was at home when the ceremony was going on.
The late Kujore, according to family sources, was supposed to join his new wife in the United States after the wedding as the new bride had since returned to her base in America.
An accomplished juju musician, who shot to the lime light after his claim to the Afro-juju initiative of Sir Shina Peters, Wonder Dayo Idowu Adisa Kujore breathed his last on the 10 of January 2022.
 after a brief illness at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital Ikeja.

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