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Exclusive Interview

My Stand With Midnight Crew For Now– Mike Abdul



Multiple award winner Writer, Singer, Producer and Music Minister Mike Abdul a.k.a (Michael MNC) in this rare encounter unfolds his plans for the new year and what is happening between him and his ‘mother’ group, Midnight crew.

Q: Who is Mike Abdul and where is he from

A: Mike AbduL is a songwriter, singer and Music Record Producer. I’m from Ago Iwoye in Ogun State.


Q: Who are your musical role models so to say.

A: As a matter of fact, i look up to a lot of people. People whose personality I cherish and success I crave. There are quite a number of them, not just for their Music but also for their branding style and organisation. Among all of them however, King Sunny Ade stands out. i particularly love King Sunny Ade for everything.

Mike Abdul

Q: You shot into the limelight with Midnight Crew. But as it is, the Michael Abdul brand is more popular, where is Mid Night Crew now, what are you guys up to now

A: Midnight Crew is fine. Our Music still enjoys streams,downloads and reviews. One of us lives outside Nigeria while the other three of us are here.

Q: How many albums have you now

A: I have four albums now; GOOD TO GO, KOREDE, CROSSOVER and IRO HALLELUYAH.

Q: When is a new work dropping from you

A: I’m working on a new album, JOYFUL SOUNDS which should drop by March 2021. Some other works are ongoing and I’ll reveal them in due time.

Q: Is there any collaboration in the incubating album. How many tracks should your fans expect

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A: My next album will have 12 tracks and i have about 4 guest artists on it with me; Puffy Tee, Bidemi Olaoba and the usual suspects, MoniQue and A’DAM.

Q: If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you differently

A: There’s a lot I’ve not done yet and i still have time to do them all; watch this space.

Q: How would you describe this outgoing year 2020 in your own words

A:I think the year 2020 brought us a new reality. The year 2020 is preparation for what is to come. i advise we brace ourselves and make the switch when necessary.

Q: Next year what should we expect from you and MNC

A: Much more deliberate Music and content that will inspire Joy in homes and society.

Q: What would say to your fans and followers this season

A: Much of what i want to tell them are in my coming album, but before March when the album is expected to land, I have this to say to fans, friends, admirers and peace loving Nigerians: This season, please be financially intelligent. Thanks and peace.

By Faleye Oluwatosin

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Exclusive Interview

Read Why Security Expert, Bestman Nze Strongly Opposes State Police.



Security expert, Bestman Nze has knocked the clamour for state Policing in the country, declaring the move may not yield the expected result at this time.
Speaking on Dux FM 94.7 where he was guest on its Morning Show, Panorama program, Nze said it does not make sense to be clamouring for a Police to be formed and maintained by states that are finding it difficult to even pay salaries.
According to him, policing is capital intensive and states must be economically viable to dabble into such, adding that, most states in the country are at the moment owing salaries with no hope of how to get out of their own economic valley.
” To create and maintain Police in a state, a lot of money is required. Now if states that are still struggling with salary payment for its workers are allowed to create their own police, definitely, the officers must be armed with guns, so, what do you think will happen if policemen are armed and they are not paid salaries.
”The same gun that is expected to be used to protect the people will eventually become a tool used against them.
” In as much as I like the State police idea, I don’t think the economic situation of the states would allow it for now ”
Admonishing Southerners to encourage their wards to join the Nigerian Police, Nze said people should not shun the recruitment exercise into the Nigerian police force because of its smeared image, adding that there are bad elements in every profession.
Registering that the South only got recruited more in the armed forces in the Midwestern era, Nze averred that Northerners have been dominating the forces because Southerners are not showing enough interest.
” The trend is not encouraging and will continue to give the north ample opportunity over their southern counterpart because, when our children go abroad to study, they don’t return home,in the name of seeking greener pastures, but northerners will return to occupy places in the military, police and Ministries.
” This is the reason our people are not able to occupy strategic positions in these formations and the trend must change if the South must be well and better represented.
” We should not be overtly wise in our own eyes, we should encourage our wards to join the Police, we should not leave it to the Northerners who know how to play the game.
” Though we are not happy about the current state of the police, but refusing to join should not be an option because that decision will be counter productive”.
Advocating massive recruitment into the police force, Nze registered that ” the country is grossly under policed especially for what we are going through in the area of security in the country today”.

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Exclusive Interview

My New Career Won’t Slow Me Down Musically- Bose Olubo.




Actor and musician Bose Olubo Adegeye is now a medical Doctor. In this short interview with ThepageNews, Dr Adegeye explains the new experience.

Q: What happens to your music career now that you have become a medical Doctor.



A: Hmmmm, I give glory to God for making me a Vessel, once a musician is ever a musician, the only thing is that I will not be running any permanent band.
Surely I will still perform and
I will surely continue to make albums




Q: When did you begin to nurse the idea to becoming a medical doctor

A: I have always wanted to be a medical doctor and a singer
Some people still call me small nurse, because my first call to duty was school of Nursing after losing admission to University of ibadan in
1989, with a good result. I was very sad and angry, my mother is a nurse, so she encouraged me to go into nursing, which I did but later changed my mind and decided to read Computer science at Yaba College of Tech.




Q: What area of medicine are u involved

A: General Practice




Q: How is the new terrain, compared with the entertainment field.

A: Laugh…
Haà, its a different ball game.
Entertainment is art.
There is little rudiment and lots of innovations, ideas, creativities BUT in Medicine, you have to follow nature or scientific proves, everything must be proven, you have to be 99% sure.
In Medicine, you have to be accurate and sure
You have to consider Toxicity as much as you consider eficacy.

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Q: What inspired the choice of your new career

A:My greatest fair from childhood is sickness.
I remember when I went to Efon Kingdom, whenever I am sick, I will call people to stay around me, I will be so scared, same as when I know anyone sick, I will stay with them untill my grandmother calls
I love to care for people, I love knowledge, my reasons.




Q:When are you taking off fully with the new work. And how do you intend to make the difference.

A: By the grace of God, the Clinic will open officially next year, meanwhile I am still learning more from senior colleges and consulting

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Why Ben O Ben New Movie, ISORO TI Is Exclusive To Apreel TV (Watch triller)



An exclusive interview with a skilful role interpreter, script writer and Director, Benedit Ayoola (Ben O Ben) in the brown roof city of Ibadan speaking with our ibadan correspondent in his house around Elebu area. The ogbomoso dark skin actor speaks on his about to be released movie ISOROTI

Q. Tell us about Ben o Ben productions

A:Ben o Ben films is a production company that specialises in media content creation, films production, television series, stage plays. The company has a boisterous chain of blockbuster movies to their credit. Movies like: Alabahun
Last night
Woli Ben o Ben
Iyawo producer
Eni Eleni and ISOROTI (coming soon)

Q. What is the new thing from the productions outfit

A:Ben o Ben films is also currently working on a reality TV show called Survivor’s and about to release a feature movie titled ISORO Ti

Q What does that mean, ISORO TI

A: IsoroTi, presents a sensational plot twist that leaves viewers speechless.

Q: Briefly tell us about the movie

A: The story tells of ayoung couple who over the years looked up to God for fruit of the womb. But they received visitors that tears the family apart. The mystery and the twist of the story is unthinkable….the greatest betrayal of trust . Isoro ti will be released on Apreel TV on the 31st of December 2020. Apreel TV is an online TV brand owned by Mrs Ariyike Oladipo ,a woman of great repute and the producer of popular talk show program, Gbajumo Osere and many other TV programs. Apreel TV is my favourite YouTube channel, because of their transparency and accountability ,while most of the online platform pay after 3 months Apreel TV is ready to pay every month,with proper accountability

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More so Apreel TV invest in promotional advert to enhance the movie sales on their channels which most other channels don’t do.

Q Tell us about the cast/crew of the movie and reasons for us to go online to watch

A:The movie was Directed by my Humble self Ayoola benedict and Ace Director Abiola Bogunbe Paul, shot by Abayomi Olaniran (Damuvee) OlamiLekan Abimbola,sound by Gideon Adekeke,gaffer Deji ishola, location manager Ifeoluwa ibironke,oladipo olusola, custume -Tosin omodele and oyin olatunji, make up osuolale Adeola,
Scripted by Tayo okanlawon
Production manager- ore oluwa adedoyin
Art Director- omowonuola wisdom
Continuity- Ayotunde adetunji
Edited by Bisi Gbajumo
Continuity Ayo

Saidi Balogun
Kolawole ajeyemi
Yewande adekoya
Ayoola benedict
OlamiLekan ayinla
Ayoade Adeola
Toyin Alahusa
Ifeoluwa ibironke
Tosin omodele.



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