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OSCAR Award Is My Ultimate Goal…. Saheed Oscar



Saheed Oscar is a popular Nollywood Yoruba Director and Actor. He has been in the industry for over 25years. In this chance encounter, he talks about life in the gheto and how he got his break in the movie world….

Q:What are the real names of Saheed Oscar

A; I am Saheed Abolaji “Oscar”. And “SIMPLICITY” is the best word for describing myself… I simply like being myself.

Q: How did simplicity affects your formatio stages

A: It did a great deal may be because i grew up in the ghetto side of Lagos State, “Ijora Badia”. It wasn’t something easy at all due to life the kind of life we lived over there. Some of my colleagues even find it hard to believe that I actually grew up in the ghetto due to my personality in the industry but glory to the Creator.

Q: How did you come into the film industry

A :It developed interest in the art from childhood. Because of the interest, I joined IRON LOVE THEATER GROUP then during my secondary school days, that was my 1st group . Though my father was against it but my uncle supported me wholeheartedly. So there was this local film House then at “Ghana Village” railway area, Badia. I used to patronize the place that was where I met a friend around 1995, who later introduced me to my 2nd group by Late Oluwaseyi Olorunni aka “Chocomilo” (OLORUNNI CULTURAL AND THEATER ORGANIZATION).
So through my boss, I got to know Afonja Olaniyi (Sanyeri), Adekola Tijani (Golugo), Adebayo Tijani and Ibraheem Chatta (Ojo’ja) when my boss was invited to a stage play by Ibraheem Chatta.

Though we all stayed not far from each other in the area but we were not that close till I was introduced to them by my boss. I performed well on that stage then and one day Ibraheem Chatta visited our rehearsal ground, he sat me down and advised me more on the career. That was how I got Hon. Akeem Alimi (Ajala Jalingo) contact from him. I later went ahead to join him around 1998 and that’s how the journey really began.

Q: So, for how many years have you been in the industry now

A: I joined the industry professionally in 1995, so it’s 25yrs now.

Q: when was the first time you ever featured in any film

A :That was late 1996. It was a movie produced by my boss titled “AFIYEN”. It was a comedy concept.. I acted as a spoilt brat in the movie..

Q: Who are the people you can say have influenced your career one way or another

A: I have respect for quite a number really. Some have influenced me directly and some indirectly. Be that as it may, I can say I have lot of role models in the industry because I so much appreciates lot of them and their works… The likes of Saidi Balogun who I so much cherish and respect alot! Tade Ogidan, Izu Ojukwu, Muyiwa Ademola, Antar Laniyan…

Q: Can you give your unbiased assessment of your industry

A: Well we are trying our best, trying to meet up with the highest world standard with the little we have. I believe if the government support the industry, things will surely get better than this.

Q: What’s your opinion about male and female actors getting married. Don’t u feel its one of the reason people say Producers must sleep with ladies before they are allowed room in the industry

A: Laughs…. That’s a lie. There nothing bad in you seeing a lady, you appreciate and approached her. If she’s fine with it, you are both matured to know what you want. It’s not by force. But on my part, I don’t mix business with pleasure. It’s strictly business!!!
Q: Who is your favourite Director

A: I’ve worked with lots of directors in the industry and I so much appreciates their works and efforts. Each director with different experience but these six directors made me understand what directing is all about Saidi Balogun, Muyiwa Ademola, Antar Laniyan, Adebayo Tijani, Abiodun Olanrewaju and Razaq Olayiwola…
These directors drilled me to who I am today because as a continuity manager then, I asked a lot of questions and they never got tired of me. I so much appreciate their effort in my life… I even had to stay with Saidi Balogun for years just for me to improve and get better and I still call on them all till date for enlightenment.

Q: What do we expect from you very soon

A:Well I’m working on my wife’s project right now (THE SETUP “PAMPE”) while I’m also planning my own productions (OJISE, AREKUJAIYE, THE CLEANER & THE PAUPER”)… but ” The Setup” will be released soon.
Q: Can you project into your future

A: As my nickname implies, “OSCAR” award winner and a recognized Hollywood movie director by God’s grace….

Q: It’s obvious you and your wife are in this together. Has there been any sour moment in your marriage
A: Smiles… Well it has not been easy but glory to God. There’s no perfect relationship because we argue to understand each other. Love and understanding makes us whole.

Questionnaire: Thanks for your time. Really appreciate you.

Oscar: Thanks for having me .

By Faleye Oluwatosin


Top Juju Gospel Act, Ogo Tuntun Takes a New Wife…Says, Now I Realized My Love Lives Here in America



Ogo Tuntun

Olatunji Sunday Timothy a Nigerian, based in Texas in faraway America, has taken a new wife and living happy with his American beautiful bride, Shatyler Olatunji.

Ogo Tuntun


The love story began some time not long and the Nigerian gospel singer has walked down the aisle with his wife.

In his words, Olatunji a.k.a Ogo Tuntun said, “I am glad I have found love in a woman who sees me as hers and the journey has been wonderful since we met.

Ogo Tuntun

The official engagement to his new bride took place at RCCG, Christ Ambassador Parish, S Dairy, Hasford Houston, Texas and the family of the bride and his too were present to bless the solemnization.


The newest couple and their family have fixed April next year for other marriage activities with the hope of having all those concerned in Olatunji family from Ibadan in America to grace the occasion.

Sunday Timothy Olatunji is a Juju Gospel music, he is a son of a Pastor, whose sojourn in music dated back when he was very young in church and in no time, the talent embedded in him coupled with great passion; made music grew rapidly in him.


In his sojourn, OMO OLOGO as he is fondly called is making wave in America; having to perform in churches and other events happening in town.


According to him he said, “Juju highlife gospel is what I play; with these combinations, my music has become a toast in town. My dad is a pastor and right in his church, I started music as member of the choir.”

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Art and Culture

I Don’t Want to Die, Actress Seyi Ariyo Begs Masqueraders Threatening Her Life




Nigerian actress and filmmaker, Seyi Ariyo, also known as Shebaby, recently took to her Instagram account to raise the alarm that her life is being threatened by masqueraders.



In the video, the teary-eyed actress revealed that she had been getting life-threatening messages from these masqueraders because of a scene in her forthcoming movie, which portrayed a woman having sex with a masquerade.



In the Yoruba culture, such an act is seen as taboo. However, the sex scene leaked online and ever since she has received over 200 threat messages. 

In an exclusive chat with PUNCH, she said, “They are really threatening my life; I am not alleging it.


I received over 200 calls from them a few days ago. Some called to curse me while others said I will die in the next seven days. 



“I had to switch off my phone. I learnt they released my number to the worldwide platform of herbalists and traditionalists. They said that I want to destroy our culture and traditions.


They have not watched the movie, that is why we have this misunderstanding. 



“We recorded a part where a masquerade had sex with a lady and even in the movie, we made it known that it is a taboo.


The herbalist in the movie told the woman that if she performs the act, her child will be well, but it will have a repercussion. She was desperate so she went ahead with the ritual. 



“Some people recorded that scene with their phones and one of them posted it on Facebook. That is how the masqueraders saw the clip and felt offended. They called me and said they will use me as a scapegoat because actors are used to ridiculing masquerades, which are their gods.”



The actress said she has been begging them and also called other colleagues to beg them on her behalf, including Mr Latin, who is the president of their association, TAMPAN. 


According to her, because she did not get any positive feedback, she decided to go on social media to voice out.



Ariyo noted that she was given seven more days to live and the ultimatum will expire tomorrow. 



The distressed actress stressed that she has tried every available option to pacify the masqueraders.



She said, “Today is the sixth day and they vowed to kill me after seven days. I have spoken to many Yoruba monarchs to help me talk to them as well because it is their worldwide association that is angry with me; their global platform. 



“I recently got a call from their leader, who identified himself as Prince. He told me that he will speak to their public relations officer to direct all their members to desist from cursing me.


I have the recordings of most of the threats and I wanted to go to the Commissioner of Police to file a complaint, but I was advised against it so that things do not escalate. 



“They were not happy about the social media post and I was told to delete it, but I cannot because people would think this is a publicity stunt for the film. So, I cannot pull it down. I am sorry for the scene and I have even removed it from the film.


I don’t want to die. They should forgive me, they should not do anything wicked to me or my colleagues.”

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Toyosi, Others Storm Abeokuta For One- In -Town Comedy Movie, Dukenke




Toyosi Erayetan aka Dukenke is from okun kingdom Ayetoro gbede kogi state, She studied Eco/Sos at the kwara state college of education oro kwara state.


The versatile actor is currently in
location at Abeokuta for the concluding part of a comedy movie titled Dukenke.

Dukenke Dukenke




Dukenke comedy movie preaches against Rape, how people can be of help to one other in times of need and to remain positive about oneself. Dukenke is a lady that show cares to everyone.

Dukenke Dukenke


Toyosi who came into the industry some 18years ago under the tutelage of her Boss
Adedeji oyeleye while speaking with thepagenews on the project said she has produced 6 movies, with Dukenke being tbe 7th.


She urges friends and well wishers and fans all over the world to pick copies of Dukenke for themselves and friends when the film is released soon.



Among the actors on the set of the anticipated work are:

Ayomide Faruk
Salawat Adegbenro
Dimeji ijaduade
Tope Omosowon AKA Woli Osole
Olakunle afuape (Lanbebe)
Rasaq owoonira(waso)
Owolabi ajasa
Monsuru ijayegbemi
Wasiu Eyiowuawi

Among others hilarious and interesting characters.

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