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Prophet Joshua Iginla Church Celebrates 14th Anniversary Amidst Pomp And Pageantry



It was joy galore as Prophet Joshua Iginla, who is arguably a line crosser and a barrier breaker in the ministry, celebrated the 14th anniversary of Champions Royal Assembly amidst pomp and pageantry as dignitaries stormed Abuja for the ceremony which held between Monday, 23rd of November to Sunday, 29th Of November 2020.

Popular gospel musicians such as Eden and others added colour to the glorious event on Sunday, November 30th,2020 inside the ministry’s 80,000 capacity auditorium at Kubwa, Abuja. Tagged “Unstoppable Enlargement”, the gifted Prophet, quoting from Isaiah 60 vs 22 revealed that the ministry has entered a tremendous season of enlargement, a session whereby no matter the attack of the enemies, their enlargement and advancement is unstoppable.

Interestingly, there was a great move of God’s presence with abounding testimonies of deliverances, healing, fruit of the womb session and torrents of prophetic ministrations.

Several activities were set out to mark the 14th anniversary that include free medical check up by United States medical practitioners, sporting activities, ministers conference, spiritual activities that withnessed miracles and wonders, to mention a few.

The wife of the Prophet, Prophetess Stella Joshua Iginla also ministered to the women powerfully during the International women conference where lives were transformed.

Also, the likes of Gospel musicians Eben, performed at the anniversary by leading the congregation to spiritual worship in songs. The presence of God was felt mightily during their ministrations.

For every attendee of the anniversary ceremony, one thing that could be deduced from them is that spirit of God was mightily felts throughout the week of the anniversary as the sick were healed, the lame walked, the blind could see, the broken-hearted, it was indeed a time of massive testimonies.

Champions Royal Assembly started many years ago during the early days of the ministry of Prophet Joshua Iginla. The ministry has no doubt stood the test of time judging by the tough days that was faced by the ministry when it started.

No doubt, God’s hands is on the ministry looking at the progress that has been made in 14 years. The ministry which started under a canopy now boasts of an edifice that can comfortably contain 100,000 congregation at once.

Also, the ministry’s tentacles have spread across board as a replica of the 100,000 seater auditorium, commonly referred to as ‘City Of Wonders’ is currently being erected in South Africa.

Apart from that, the ministry also has a Television, Champions TV that boasts of millions of viewers across the world. Prophet Joshua Iginla is renowned for the philanthropic activities he has done over the years

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A Wife Has No Control Over Her Body – Pastor Kumuyi



The theory of Marriage is a very contending and critical issue in the contemporary world today. Marriage is said to be a legal union between a man and a woman to become Husband and Wife. The institution was created by God when he created Eve to help Adam during the creation. A man leaving his father and mother and cleave to his wife is very much appreciated in the Bible. To avoid fornication, a man is expected to get married

Pastor W.F Kumyi, The General Superintendent of the Deeper Life Bible Church took his time to discuss the issue of marriage in one of his latest Bible Study teachings. One contending issue that the man of God emphasized is the ownership of the body. He read the book of 1st Corinthians 7 : 4 which says ” The Wife hath not power of her own body, but the husband: and likewise also the husband hath not power of his own body, but the wife. Here he explained that the wife’s body is the most important part but she does not have power over it. Her husband has the power over her body. The Husband also has no power over his body, the power over his body is given to his wife. That is the spirit of oneness. The man of God read Genesis 2 : 24, which says, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. The man of God used this verse to butress his point on the issue of oneness. Two people become one and are make to make decisions for each other.

He sighted different examples

1. The Use of Handset : The man of God preached against couples denying access to eachothers phone. He said what belongs to the husband is also the wife’s and that builds up the spirit of oneness in the family. Hiding issues and matters ain’t qualities of a very good home.

2. Fasting and prayer : If there is any reason for any of the couple to pray and fast, the other other must know of the intention and the reason for such. One should not say the Christian race is quite personal and would decide not to involve the other, it should be a planned step since it is about prayers.

3. Relationship with others : The Man of God said that a Man should not relate with other woman better than how he relates with his wife wether in public or not, likewise the woman. In every situation they find themselves, they should put eachother first before any other.

4. Reconciliation : The Man of God speaks against pride as it has been a problem many couples have. If there is a misunderstanding between the couples, they should not invite a third party to solve such issues for them. Humility should ensure that either of the husband or the wife kneels in soberness and apologize to the other. These has invariably led to many broken homes.

These and many others were issues Pastor W.F Kumuyi explained. He took time to explain the concept for marriage which was beneficial for the married and unmarried

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2021 : Prophet Joshua Iginla Releases Prophecy On Covid-19, Nigerian Governor, Others




The clergy with prophetic grace, Prophet Joshua Iginla has declared 2021 as a year for the courageous. Iginla during the crossover service at his 80,000 seater city of Wonders cathedral in Abuja, he reeled out powerful prophetic messages On Covid-19, Kanu, Biafra, presidents, Africa and the world. At large.

Here are some of the prophecies as released by him:


1) The agitation for Biafra will wax very stronger. And we need to pray strongly because it will take a dimensions that will provoke the government of the day to begin to haunt the agitators.

2) And the government of the day needs to be careful so they wont cause an expensive massacre that will dent the image of the government of the day .

3) The agitation will grow stronger and will influence alot of chances of the people from the eastern part of this country . Nobody should look down on the Biafra movement.

Like I keep shouting from the beginning that Dialogue is the key. There is no bomb, gun or force that can stop such ideology except maturity applied for dialogue.

4) The leader of the Biafra should be careful. There are people around him that are traitors. I see someone receiving huge amount of money in other to end the life of this young man ( KANU) through poison. I saw it clearly, someone in the inner circle.

The movement will grow big and they felt the only way is to remove the head. Like I said, there is need to dialogue. The only way to appease it is to come round table to talk.


5) I was taking in the realm of the spirit and I see our Great country Nigeria that 2023 will be a wonderful year for us .

6) The youths will wax stronger. There is still going to be another kind of protest that will come up and it will take another dimension. It will still be betrayed by the same elements. They will move forward but will not be able to clinch the number one spot because it’s not yet time . They will be able to influence every other strategic position and be able to come in on certain percentage m I see 41% . This people looks like army, warriors ,lions with a lionic face and more of them are more of females than males. They will come in,influence the polity but won’t be able to clinch the number one spot. It will be recycle by the same old faces.

7) They will still be the one at the number one spot but their powers will be watered down till 2027. It’s the time for the youths but they are not fully prepared for what is about to happen.

8) They will make meaningful movements but the number one spot doesn’t belong to them yet. I still see old faces recycling the number position.

9) Does it mean Nigeria won’t get better? No God is programming Nigeria . There are people preparing for 2023 who won’t see 2023 at all..


11) Covid-19 is not over yet. We will continue to see it’s wave. We are not through with it yet . It will take another dimension be it real, political or scientifically.

12) Will there be another lockdown, yes we will! However, this year will be better than last year.

13) The economic hardship will increase but those of you who know your God will be strong and do exploits .

14) Top individuals and wealthy people should be prayerful.

15) I see a lot of kidnapping that will be on the increase this year. It will be in different form .

16) Crime rate will increase but the good Lord will keep his own.

17) I see a Governor in Nigeria who needs prayers so that between 2021 and 2023 he should still be there. I don’t know whether it’s sickness, impeachment or death. But I see that his seat was empty and another person taking over his stool.



18) God showed me that Africa will become a safe haven.

19) I see so many white people, top personality leaving their country, trooping into this continent. And I asked the Lord what does this mean and he said Africa will soon become a safe haven. Yes,it will become a place where they want to stay because it will be free from sicknesses and attacks.

20) God will make Africa a mystery to the world. What will hit the developed world is so much because it’s judgement from God . And africa which they have labels religious fanatics will become their safe haven. The reason is that life will become more important than development.


21) The president of Gabon should pray very well.

22) I see an attack on his Health. He should also pray against Coup in that country. I pray for God and his Excellency.


23) The incubent president of Uganda will retain his stool.

24) There will be provocations, tensions and movements that will revolt against him.

25) The president should watch his back because after this alot will happen.

26) Things might fall apart and the centre too might not hold. He will still be in power but the after effects will be strong.

27) There will be attempt to destroy Africa. I pray our leaders won’t be manipulated.

28) I see certain countries like South Africa,Nigeria , Egypt and Ghana that the leaders should be very careful. If you are not conscious of your belly I pray you won’t be used against your people .



29) Zambia is a Great nation. Am very careful to talk about the country but God spoke to him. It’s a Great nation, great people and Greta president. His Excellency means well for the country. He will do his best but the truth is there are a lot if Judases who will betray him.

30) I saw two mighty lions against each other. One has the flag of Zambia round about with Great army around it while the other one doesn’t have such a great army . All of a sudden at the battle field, the one with great army was deserted by his soldiers and joined forces with the other lion. Betrayal will be the puzzle of the election . I recommend he should clean his house.

31) I see a serious shaking at the National Assembly between 2021 and 2023, either at the senate or Josie of Representatives that the centre will not be able to hold.

32) I see some being dragged out and being replaced .


33) God said 2021 is the year for the courageous.

If you are courageous, you will come out with the desired results.

34) There will be things that will attempt to scare propel but if they walk like a lion, irrespective of the storm they will hit their target.

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Thank God for a new beginning as His people are ready to connect to the January 2021 Edition of Power Must Change Hands and Experience Mount Zion Deliverance like never before.


Dr. D.K Olukoya, a prophet and the preacher of the word of God would be ministering live at the MFM Headquarters: 13, Olasimbo Street, Onike-Yaba, Lagos-Nigeria on Saturday January 2, 2021 by 7.00a.m (WAT) prompt at the New Year’s God ordained January edition programme of the Power Must Change Hands, tagged ‘Experience Mount Zion Deliverance’.


The must attend January edition of Power Most Change Hands to specially Experience Mount Zion Deliverance is a powerful inter-denominational liberation programme for all anywhere in the world, as it is assured for abound testimonies because the revered man of God, Dr. D.K Olukoya has prophesized that ‘Your Breakthroughs Is Now’ in the year 2021.


Don’t miss this great opportunity to be in God’s presence and Experience Mount Zion Deliverance at the Power Must Change Hands programme because it is definitely a confirmed starter for a supernatural victory in the New Year against all odds.


This is just the beginning to join the bible believing church, Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries Worldwide (MFM) with the reputable anointed man of God, Dr. D.K Olukoya, the General Overseer of MFM Worldwide to experience a glorious 2021 without fear of the wicked enemies.


Partake and join the January Edition of Power Must Change Hands programme live or you connect online wherever you are and be prepared to meet with your God, the author and finisher of our faith to Experience Mount Zion Deliverance.






MFM TV (Free-To-Air on IS20)


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