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Satguru Maharaji: Why Nigeria Leaders Will Continue To Fail




Satguru Maharaji, aka The Perfect living master has declared that, Nigerian politicians and leaders will continue to fail in providing successful leadership because they lack divine knowledge.
He said this at the press briefing held in commemoration of the 28 years of existence of the Maharaji spiritual experience.


He said ”though the political leaders have tried their best to bail Nigeria out from self-induced morass of miasma holding her down, the truth remains that no matter how edifying their intensions to serve and save the situation may be, they are highly incapacitated, hence their efforts will be tantamount to building a dam with bags of sugar/salt and at such will not reach the goal, because the leaders are not in Divine Knowledge”


Bellow is the statement issued at the media parley unedited:






By the Grace of the Grace, I welcome gentlemen of the Press to this unique pre-Anniversary Media Event as the Children of Light and indeed the entire Creation celebrate the 28th Year Anniversary of the epoch declaration of Nigeria, New Holy Land of the Universe and Leader Nation of the World, which event occurred 28 years on May 29, 1993 at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos.


I am glad to meet you this beautiful day and appreciate you all for honoring this Divine invitation. The reason for inviting our dear friends from various Media Organizations is to create an enabling environment for pressmen to tap Maharaj Ji’s showered overflowing Grace for the programme through diligent and effective dissemination of Maharaj Ji’s love message in order to sensitize our people to realize the need to be part of the programme and as well wake up and embrace the rising Sun by attending the programme, not only to have 13 years additional life credit bonus added to their life span, but to also drop at the Lotus Feet of Maharaj Ji, all their lives threatening challenges that are confronting them in their homes, offices, schools, market places etc., because that is what brought Maharaj Ji here.



However, it is pertinent to observe that 28 years after this epoch declaration that carries humongous blessings for Nigeria, Africa and the entire world, the Blackman still prevaricates and is unable to take full advantage of Maharaj Ji’s presence to change for good, the derogatory aspects of the history of Black humanity, largely because he is in a state of religious flux as well as enveloped in a gale of indecision, as regards doing the needful in order to attain both his goals and purpose of life on earth, through the use of the Holy Name that never fails.
Hence, with My Whistle-blowing of the true, potent Holy Name of the Creator as Maharaj Ji that clears all dangers within seconds, our people are yet to realize as follows:


1. By Maharaj Ji’s Divine presence, man’s cry and quest for meaning to life and true salvation has been fully answered, hence free and free forever, from all vicissitudes of life standing on his path to progress and blissful existence.


2. Blessed Nigeria, the New Holy Land of the Universe is now the Throne of the Great Light that dispels darkness in all ramifications within seconds, hence, the authentic home for pilgrimage and convergent point for the entire human race as fulfilled by the much-predicted exodus for humanity to return home to Nigeria, the Centre of Gravity at the Lotus Feet of Maharaj Ji.

3. In other words, Nigeria by providential right is unchallengedly the Divine Home of all races, the Giver of Life lives here. Hence, with Maharaj Ji by your side, no power can shake you again, as one gets fortified with the Divine enabling Grace to stop death in one’s home or indeed any where on the planet on land, sea and air.


4. Again, the consciousness is yet to register in many that Maharaj Ji’s Divine Knowledge opens the “third eyes” to enable the recipient explore the universe right from the corner of one’s room to know that vicissitudes of life like pandemics in form of COVID-19, Ebola etc., disasters like tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, poverty, failures, untimely and accidental deaths, which are all by-products of racism and hatred are the handiwork of the manipulative intelligence of principalities like witches, ogbanje, emeres and that by blessing a cup of water in the Holy Name of Satguru Maharaj Ji, instant answer comes as satanic forces disappear with alacrity; just to mention but a few.
This is not a conceptualized make-belief syndrome as witnessed in various religious settings. It is a practical reality to be experienced by those who try Maharaj Ji, silently from their hearts, from any corner of the globe.


As partners in progress and in view of the distraught state of the nation arising from ethno-religious intolerance that created Boko Haram terrorist’s insurgence, Fulani herdsmen menace, kidnapping and banditry and sundry social incoherence, there is need for the journalists who are here to eschew their racial/religious prejudices in order to save the race through well-articulated messages from Maharaj Ji in other to help in saving our people who are suffering from the dungeon of doubts and disbelief about Maharaj Ji and His soul redemption mission.



Though the political leaders have tried their best to bail Nigeria out from self-induced morass of miasma holding her down, the truth remains that no matter how edifying their intensions to serve and save the situation may be, they are highly incapacitated, hence their efforts will be tantamount to building a dam with bags of sugar/salt and at such will not reach the goal, because the leaders are not in Divine Knowledge.


Hence, Divine Government is now, now, now! Throughout the history of creation, most developed nations of the world who were privileged to host a Living Perfect Master of The Satguru’s colossal status knows that the only way to progress as a nation is to seek for the Divine guidance of The Satguru. This is because the Divine guidance and pronouncements from Satguru Maharaj Ji is a law that governs the earth planet. Hence, paying deaf ears to Him worsen the problems on ground and ultimately subjects the people to more sufferings and hardship. He is what He is. He never uses force or coercive means to make people listen and obey. By the end of the day, He carries the day, after a lot of collateral damage may have been done.


Hence, our leaders should find out the secret behind the laudable development targets achieved in countries like India, Japan, China, Israel etc. The pretentious conspiracy of silence and non-challant attitude to My presence and draw from the inherent accruable advantages is retrogressive and unpardonable. All the nations of the world that rejected the Grace, blessings and benevolence of the Creator-In-Person always get pushed and relegated to the status of the scums of the earth. Only in the case of Nigeria, the Grace of Maharaj Ji is overwhelmingly overflowing to the point where the nation has nothing to lose, however, leaders at all levels who refuse to pay heed to the Master’s Injunctions must account for the sufferings they subjected the people in the midst of abundance.


This is a Divine Law that goes beyond religion and spirituality. Maharaj Ji is waiting.



Enemies of the Black race are at it once again, this time around to scuttle the aspirations and struggles of Ndigbo to rebound from their slouchy drift into political irrelevance in Nigeria’s political history, which they played a foremost role in its making during the struggle for political independence.


Previously, it was in September 1996, when forces inimical to the interest of Ndigbo used some of their sons and daughters to discredit The Light with framed up charges and consequently The Light exposed the sordid activities of 419ers in Owerri that eventually led to the Otokoto Hotel riot which sparked off the mob attack that resulted in the total destruction of the Ashram at Owaelu, Owerri, Imo State. All the newly erected structures were completely destroyed whereas, properties worth millions were stolen and unharvested farm produce like yam, casava, cocoyam, plantain, banana, pepper, tomatoes etc., were vandalized.


This time around, at the early hours of Sunday, May 16, 2021, about fifteen-gun men believed to be Boko Haram agents or enemies of Ndigbo in Police Uniform came with Hilux vehicles and invaded Satguru Maharaj Ji’s Perfect Light House, which is situated at Uwaelu Village, Orji, Owerri, Imo State and abducted two devotees of Satguru Maharaj Ji, who are resident there.


On arrival, they attempted to enter the Ashram with their shoes on. One of the devotees approached them at the entry gate and demanded that they should remove their shoes in line with subsisting Divine Injunction before entry.


They stopped and asked to know how many grinding machines they had in the Ashram. The devotee replied that it is only one and that it has been in use for years.


The Ashram Coordinator who happened to be around came out and met them with a view to finding out their mission. He further confirmed that they had only one grinding machine and went inside and brought out the receipt for the purchase of the grinding machine and showed it to them just to clear any doubt.
The men forced them to enter one of the Hilux vehicles for further explainations at the State CID of the Nigerian Police Force, Imo State Command.


Efforts to trace the two devotees at the Office of the State CID proved abortive with the police saying, no such case has been brought to them. Signals were sent to other Police formations in Owerri from the Police Control Room and none of the Police Stations admitted knowledge of such an incident.


However, and finally, we are grateful and thankful to Maharaj Ji for the safe release of these Holy men and combatant Soldiers of Christ of this era, after about twelve days of unjust and unholy incarceration.


Beyond that, I will like to use this opportunity to reiterate the obvious truth that Maharaj Ji and His children as Light Bearers are peace personified and can never indulge in any act of negativity that can cause sadness, pains and agony to anyone, talk less being in complicit with the dastardly acts that have potentials to threaten national security, having declared Nigeria, New Holy Land of the Universe and backed it up with My August 16, 1993 “No War In Nigeria, Come What May!” declaration that has made it possible for Nigeria to remain as one indivisible nation. It is the self-denials and abstentions of My devotees from ludicrous licentious worldly life with their constant meditation on the Great Light that has kept Nigeria going unshakably, till date. Hence, My devotees need to be respected, honored and rewarded for the excellent services they have rendered to the entire creation, and not the other way round.


Hence, those behind this ridiculous plot will surely be answerable to the creation for this ignoble act, at the due date, because man reaps what he sows.




Failed Boko Haram agents and Mafioso land-grabbers operating in Ibadanland who were aided and abetted by the discredited FSARS to erect an illegal structure in Maharaj Ji Village land have in their braggadocio style in evil machinations against the Great Light added, yet another nuisance value to their evil game-plan through environmental degradation within and around Maharaj Ji Village and Odo-Ona Kekere village.


The illegal structure that was erected now serves as a business centre, though the exact nature of the business transacted within remains uncertain to us, since there is no billboard announcing the manner of business that is being carried out, neither do we have access to the premises.


Right now, Maharaj Ji Village Community and residents of Odo-Ona Kekere Village are under serious threat as a result of the health-hazards arising from the dubious activities of the company that discharges toxic waste water that pollutes both the air and ground water, which is the only source of water supply in the whole area.


The consequences of the stench of toxic and offensive odor oozing from the pits with its grave health implications to the residents of Maharaj Ji Village, Odo-Ona Kekere Village and its environs needs not be overemphasized when viewed against the backdrop that recently, over 100 students in Ekiti State were hospitalized after inhaling polluted air.


It’s purely unacceptable and intolerable to have such a situation under normal condition, particularly in this era of COVID-19 pandemic, when the government has sacrificed so much to guarantee health security of the citizens, backed up with heavy public enlightenment campaigns on the need for the citizenry to take precautionary hygenic measures, like ensuring a clean and healthy environment, regular washing of hands, and use of nose mask for guaranteed public health of the people, since life they say has no duplicate.


I therefore, crave your indulgence for government’s intervention on this matter in the interest of public health of those residing in Maharaj Ji Village and its environs with a view to forestalling grave threat to public health and any kind of unforeseen consequences that may arise from the not-so clear business activities going on there.


The imperative for guaranteed life and public safety of the citizenry far out weights the obsession for primitive wealth acquisition, because it is said that health is wealth and a stitch in time saves nine.


We feel highly obliged to remind the government of Oyo State that the culture of the Yoruba race, which unarguably adjudged as the best in the world, places highest premium on respect, sanctity and sacredness of human life, with utter disdain for materialism, because of the recognized fact that strict adherence to our cultural and traditional practices are the ONLY Key to longevity.



Hence, we find it irreconcilable subjecting a whole community to the un-called for suffering brought about by the selfish interest of one individual whose business concern was sited without due feasibility study and disrespect for the rule of law which has become real threat to the lives of bonafide law abiding citizens, whose environment has been degraded through air and ground water pollution.


As law abiding citizens, we say this because we can’t see how a community can be subjected to live in an environment highly degraded and polluted by unhygienic, offensive stench as well as ground water pollution of well-water, which is their only available source of water supply, when contaminated by blood and decomposing animal wastes?



It is sad and disheartening to observe that many years after I have addressed and proffered solution to the worrisome cases of air mishaps, we still live to experience gory tales of air accidents involving heavy causalities in terms of the best of our human and material resources.


It will be recalled that during the IATA Conference held at Enugu, sometime in year 2006, I made it categorically clear that operators of airline sub-sector should try and emboss a small Altar of MAHARAJ JI, at the entry point of their aircraft which will serve as an effective antidote to air mishaps. This is because, if the entire airplane is illuminated with The Light, there will be no room for darkness forces to operate. Hence, the moment the agents of the evil forces and harbingers of death enter the plane, they get dazzled and uncomfortable, hence compelling them to come down by force.


This Divine potent and cost-effective solution to incessant human carnage on air, offered free of charge is not a concept or theory. It is a practical truth to be tried and experienced. It is therefore unfortunately sad that till date, we still live with this avoidable dreadful scourge. All stakeholders in the aviation industry are reminded of the fact that they will be held liable for the needless waste of human lives through air mishaps arising from their beclouded sense of appreciation of the need to save lives due to uncalled-for religious bias.



Attorney-General of the Federation and Minster of Justice, Abubakar Malami is a colossal shame to Nigeria’s judicial system. His scatter-brain illogic in trying to make two parallel lines meet by his unfortunate and incongruent analogy that Northern Governors should “ban spare parts trading in the north” against the backdrop of their Southern counterpart’s ban on open grazing in the Southern Region, portrays him as a quota legal practitioner that can’t win a case even at any customary court level in Nigeria.


Malami’s integrity and sincerity is jeopardized by his analogy on open grazing and spare parts business because spare parts business in Nigeria has never imperiled the legitimate business of any Nigerian. The spare parts get to their point of sale inhabited by humans through vehicles and our highways, without encroaching on anybody’s right to live.


Hence, how then, can anybody in his right senses compare spare parts business with the inhuman atrocities that are committed before our very eyes, where criminal herdsmen ostensibly with a hidden agenda, march through people’s farms, which remains their main source of sustenance in life, with cows and ravage their life’s legitimate toil, kill the farmer, even after paying ransom, rape their women and daughters and burn their ancestral homes, for mustering the audacity to challenge them on such an inhuman act and eventually get released by law enforcement agents after criminal charges have been established against them.


Malami as Attorney General should stop deceiving himself as if he is not aware that it is the banditry wrought on our fatherland that has led to separatists agitation for ethnic nationhood across the land because Nigerians are disappointed because of the high level of injustice in the land where Fulani are treated as sacred cows that can do and undo, with Malami as No one law advocate and solicitor.


This has thrown an illuminating insight into the calibre of people that has been at the helms of leadership in Nigeria. Hence, our lack of progress should not surprise anyone! Nigeria, has been declared New Holy Land of the Universe and Leader Nation of the World; hence, we need men and women of high mental abstraction or those in Divine Knowledge, to run the affairs of Nigeria, in order to actualize the providential role assigned to Nigeria in midwifing a New World Order, a Golden Dawn where humanity will embrace themselves in love, peace and unity as children of one Universal Father, Maharaj Ji.


From all indication Malami is not different from El-Rufai and other Fulani herdsmen apologists. Recently, for instance, last year, the NBA cancelled the invitation to El-Rufai to attend their Conference for disobeying court orders and the lawyers in the North formed NNBA to show you the kind of people we are dealing with, who don’t believe in rule of law, orderliness, prudence, peace and healthy life etc.


Malami should be de-robbed of the prestigious SANS honors award that was erroneously given to him. He should be sacked with ignominy, arrested and charged because as an apologist of murderous rogue Fulani herders, he too is a bandit.




By the Grace of the Grace, I wish to commend the Southern States Governors for their recent unanimous decision and position taken on the vexious issue of open nomadic grazing in the region.


Hence, the ban on open grazing by Governors in the Southern Region is sacrosanct. I urge the Governors to go beyond rhetorics and take urgent necessary steps to ensure that exacting law is enacted to that effect, so that our people will finally put behind them the dastardly acts of barbarism which the murderous herders visited on them that have seriously threatened food security in the region.


Hence, a bill outlawing open grazing in their respective states should be drafted either by the executive arm of government or members of the State Assemblies for deliberation and passage into law, after passing through relevant legislative processes. In the interest of the people and to avoid any legislative bottlenecks, public-spirited individuals can equally draft the bill to avoid any form of delays.


In the light of our past experiences with the murderous herders, they are not to come to the South for the sale of their cows. Rather, some designated groups are to go to their ranches in the North to buy the cows and transport them to the South by rail to designated areas with attached abattoirs, where the cows could be slaughtered and processed for sale either in Super Markets or other government approved selling points which are strictly monitored to ensure that are kept under proper hygenic conditions.


Open grazing is demonic, archaic and unacceptable. Nucleus Ancestors has rejected the practice in any part of Nigeria, the New Holy Land of the Universe and so be it!
Finally, let’s move fast and sensitize our people on the need to be part of the programme for them to tap the Grace and overcome their challenges at a discount price of Maharaj Ji’s love. Hope to see you again during the main Holy Land Programme for the more elaborate media event coming up shortly as the Programme progresses.


 Na’Abba Accuses Governors Of Killing Democracy In Nigeria




A former speaker of the House of Representatives, Alhaji Ghali Umar Na’Abba, has lampooned governors in the country saying they have ruined democracy.


Na’Abba, while speaking in an interview with BBC Hausa Service yesterday, said state governors have hijacked democracy, manipulating primaries of their political parties for their cronies to emerge.


“The governors have drawn a line in politics in which if you are not their boy you won’t become anybody or get elected at all levels. This is happening in both the PDP and APC.


“Democracy should always give room for interaction among people and they should be allowed to vote the right person they want. But the governors have since changed that, there i…

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Appeal Court Rekindles Jegede’s Hope Of Sacking Aketi With Inconclusive Judgment




The Court of Appeal sitting in Akure, the Ondo State capital, yesterday partially upheld the appeal by the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Eyitayo Jegede (SAN), in the October 10, 2020 governorship election in the state.



Jegede, who is challenging Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu’s victory, had approached the appellate court after the tribunal dismissed his petition for lacking in merit.


His counsel, Onyeachi Ikpeazu, had asked the court to sack Akeredolu and his deputy, Lucky Aiyedatiwa, because they were allegedly not properly nominated by the All Progressives Congress (APC).



But the respondents’ counsel, Akin Olujimi (SAN), for Akeredolu and Aiyedatiwa, Lateef Fagbemi (SAN) for the APC and Charles Edosanmwon (SAN) for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), faulted all the arguments of Jegede’s counsel.



They contended that the case was a pre-election matter.



In the lead judgment by Justice Theresa Ngolika Orji-Abadua, the court partly allowed Jegede’s appeal on issues one, two, four and five.


She dismissed the appeal on issues three, six and seven.


In their judgments, Justice H. A. Barka, Justice J. G. Abundaga and Justice Andenyangtso Alli dismissed the appeal for lacking in merit.



Justice Orji-Abadua said the Electoral Act cannot override provisions of the Constitution on qualification or disqualification of a candidate in an election.



“The appeal is partly allowed and partly dismissed,” she said.


The PDP and Jegede vowed to challenge the decision.



The party’s spokesman Kennedy Peretei said in a statement: “In concluding her lead judgment, Justice Orji-Abadua said the appeal was partially dismissed and partially allowed. To the ordinary man in the street, the judgment was ‘inconclusive’.



“The kernel of the Eyitayo Jegede/PDP petition was whether or not a gross violation of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) should be allowed to stay; whether or not Mai Mala Buni, as a sitting Governor of Yobe State, can double as National Chairman of the APC, to sign the nomination of Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) for the governorship election.



“While the Court of Appeal acknowledged that it was a violation of the Constitution, it still went ahead to dismiss the appeal.


“We are still studying the details of the judgment, by virtue of the fact that it was delivered via Zoom. But we have sufficient grounds to appeal the decision of the court. We are confident the Supreme Court, which is the highest court in the land, will do justice.”



Akeredolu has extended an olive branch to Jegede, urging him to join hands with him in building the state.



Addressing reporters, Akeredolu said: “I have said this over and over: this case itself is so flimsy for me as a person. And it is clear because where you believe that you can go through the back door and upturn the will of the people, it is not going to work.


“We had an election in which the party won 15 out of the local governments; you won three. You are not contesting the result of the election, but you are hinging your petition on the Chairman of the party who signed the nomination that was forwarded to INEC.


“For me, it is clear. With God on our side, no matter where they go about this case, it will be the same result.



“It is just like when Yoruba say that if you throw the cutlass up 50 times by the time it’s landing, it will land on its side.



“Tayo, for one reason or the other, I said to him, we don’t need to pursue this case. I had called him once or twice. I don’t see why we are going about this action; that both of us can come together to work for the benefit of the state. That is my own belief.



“I respect him, but he must have a reason behind him pursuing this case the way he’s pursuing it. It is either the party is the one pushing him or he’s the one pushing himself. Whichever one it is, I know there must be something behind what he’s doing.



“But I can assure him, like a man who is building with straw, I can assure him nothing will come out of this case.



“I will call on him again for the umpteenth time: let him come, let us work together to build that state and let us work together for the Southwest and let us work together for Nigeria.



“Importantly, he is one person that I have a lot of respect for; he has respect for me. I see him as a brother. But in election matters, you cannot avoid this kind of contestation.”

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Agbakoba Rubbishes Restructuring, Wants Regional Autonomy In Constitution Review Package




A former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Dr. Olisa Agbakoba (SAN), has asked the National Assembly to consider regional autonomy in the review of the 1999 Constitution.

Following calls for restructuring, among other issues, the National Assembly had recently held public hearings across the country on the proposed review of the 1999 Constitution.


Speaking on the review process in a statement yesterday, Agbakoba said regional autonomy is the best solution to some of the challenges facing the country.


“Calls for restructuring have, in my personal view, become a catch-all phrase that has introduced more confusion than solution. I believe the simple way to go is by regional autonomy,” he said.


“Regional autonomy refers to the governance and administration of a federating unit in the interest of the local people, according to their aspirations. Nigeria is made up of multi-ethnic nations managed by a central authority. This model has proved unsuccessful.


“Europe understood that diversity is best managed by regional autonomy. Switzerland has four ethnic groups. Each of them shares the presidency through four cantons that make up their federating units.


“According to Prof. George Obiozor, even though Quebec is the only fully French-speaking province, yet Canada is bilingual for the sake of Quebec. On the other hand, Yugoslavia mismanaged its diversity and the result was the emergence of six distinct countries. The same fate befell Czechoslovakia, now the nations of Czechs and Slovaks.”


He said devolution of powers is a related concept to regional autonomy, as this means the transfer of powers from one level of government to another and vice versa.


The senior lawyer also suggested that legitimacy can be conferred on the constitutional review process by full involvement and incorporation of the leaders of traditional and ethnic nationalities.


“Prof. Ben Nwabueze has indicated that ethnic nationalities are the true representatives of Nigeria. To quote him, ‘Nigeria has no territory other than the traditional territories inhabited by its constituent nationalities from time immemorial – Yorubaland, Igboland, Hausaland, Tivland, Kanuri, Ijaw, etc. It is the ethnic nationalities that ceded or granted sovereign powers of government over their territories to Britain which makes them (i.e. the ethnic nationalities) the original and primary stakeholders in the Nigerian state,’” Agbakoba said.


He also expressed optimism that more would be achieved by giving prominent seats to the leaders of traditional and ethnic nationalities.

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