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Started Playing Music At Age 12- Kemi Wonder



Kemi Ayade popularly known as Kemi Wonder  is one of the Nigerian born singers doing wonderfully well in diaspora. Kemi is a talented singer, songress and business woman who finds solace in catering business.

The amiable  singer of God just finished work on her debut album that would be released to the music market soon. The new album according to Kemi has lot of songs that everybody should have in their homes.

In this brief interview, Kemi, took us to her family background, how she started playing music at age 12 and her journey to America where she is currently based.

Can you tell us about yourself,
your family and and your journey in to music?

-My name is Kemi Ayade, but my fans call me Kemi Wonder. Im a christian. musician, business woman and evangelist. I was born into Anglican family, I had my elementary school at CAC Primary School, Ile-Oluji, Ondo State and my secondary school at Baptist Secondary School, same Ile-Oluji.

My father’s name is Moses Ojajuni, and my mother is Adekuotu. I was born by very strict and discipline parents. I was born into very serious christian family.
After my education, I was opportuned to travel to America where I’m current based.

I’m a very indoor person and very reserved, I don’t mingle with those with bad influence to my life and career.

My journey to music started when I was just twelve years old. I joined church choir at age twelve and I was active in the church activities. I love singing and used to writr down songs at that age, it really helped me when I picked music as a career. Music is what I love to do music, my passion and my calling.
Your journey to America, can you share your experience with our readers?

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-Coming to America was a great experience,  I wasn’t expecting it as quick as it happened. It was a divine grace from God. I did not face any challenge or difficult to be here. My experience was ok and very encouraging.

Good, when are we expecting your debut album, tell us about it

– Very soon, we have finished work on it, the new album is all about victory. I want to appeal to everyone to get the album when it released.

Anybody that desire God’s intervention and divine blessing should get the album. And to my fans, I want to enjoin you to get the album, I promised not to disappoint you.

Who is your role model in the music cycle?

-Sola Alyson is my role model, I love her style of music, her music inspired and I also love her attitude. Sola Alyson is a pure evangelist that her music inspired lot of people.

Apart from music, what other thing are you doing for a living?

-Am a caregiver in America and I also do caterer

How do you combine this with your music?

With grace of God, combine music and catering job not too difficult. I’m able to balance both. In my catering job I have people  working with me, I’m able to balance both without any difficult.

We provide both African dishes and intercontinental meal to people. We also provide outdoor service to our clients.

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Tungba Gospel Hits Records Stand



Ogo Tuntun, Olatunji Sunday Timothy has released his new album titled Gsopel Tungba.



The new album is now available in all music and video stores worldwide. According to Ogo Tuntun, the man behind BOSENLO L’AMERICA, he said the musical album has the following as its content; Gospel Tungba, Igba Laye and Fun Live.



The Nigerian America based singer said, “Gospel Tungba has a lot to offer music lovers. It’s a concept that is different from what people have been seeing.



It’s a dedicated gospel music that could be used to worship and at the same use to entertain people at different gatherings.”
Timothy Omo Ologo, a son of a Pastor took up music when he was very young in church and in no time, the talent embedded in him coupled with great passion he has for music has really helped him in his chosen career.


Gospel Tungba is marketed and distributed by Babalaje Music Industry, Lagos Nigeria.

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Stars To Storm Oshodi As Highkay Dancent Marks Birthday On Friday



HighKay Dancent

Important players in Music, movie, politics and the business sectors are expected to gather come Friday, 22nd of October to celebrate an icon, Innocent elota A K A. HighKay Dancent as he add another year.




The birthday celebration is scheduled to take place at the popular Oshodi Main Market Arena where he has other fleets of businesses.



Notable musicians who have worked with the showbiz promoter both in the past and present will be on the bandstand to thrill guests to live music.



Explaining why the celebration is so special, Dancent said “I just want to celebrate with my friends. It’s an open celebration where everyone is welcome because it’s going to take place inside Oshodi Arena”

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ONLINE, Saidi Balogun’s Latest Work, Premieres 19th Of November



A suspense full Movie from the stable of Saidi Balogun Productions also known as African James bond is set to hit the screens from November 19th 2021.


The films journey into reality begins on the said 14th November with it premiere. The movie is titled ONLINE and it will hit the cinemas across the Nigeria from 19th of November.



ONLINE (Movie) is a psychological thriller of an online predator whose mental state is debatable.



It throws light on the perceptive nature of a vital part of some of the things happening on the internet



ONLINE (Movie) is a ITEC with an unusual story line with a lot of suspense and full of technicalities.



It is Directed By Saidi Balogun who has a track record of interpreting roles for over thirty years in the Nollywood industry


The Africa James bond has also produced a number of great movies in the past like Eti Keta, Omo Alhaja, You or I, Gbogbo Re and Modupemi to mention few.



He is the one and only African Actor to produce the first 2 cast movie in the world and He also produces an all white cast movie with him alone as the Black African man.



The movie ONLiNe was shot few months ago with state of the earth equipment, with a wonderful crew and cast which include:


Saidi Balogun
Shaffy bello
Jibola Dabo,
Sani Danja
Frank dogar
Wole Ojo
Mr Macaroni
MC Lively
Woli Arole
Ayoola benedict,
samuel Ajirebi
allwell Ademolaa
Tony Akposheri
Ayo Adesanya,
Kola Olaiya

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