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Sunny de Great Entertainment Berth with “One Mic” GG Concert and Awards




Lebanese – American writer, poet and visual artist Kahlil Gibran said “Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife.”  Stress is a silent killer that most residents of Lagos and its Ogun State boundary towns are exposed to on daily basis, entertainment is a known therapy to reduce its adverse impact and that is the reason Sunny De Great Entertainment, an entertainment organization under the leadership of Sunny Akanbi, a seasoned broadcaster of more than two decade will this October entertain and honour the people and some deserving individuals and musicians with a One Mic Stand eveny tagged: Sunny de Great GG Special Concert and Awards.



The event which is scheduled to come-up on 3rd of October at Classic Arena Hotel & Event, AIT Road, Alagbado Lagos, will give the people a chance to enjoy performance of musicians they only watch on Television perform live. Some of the expected artistes are; King Femi Opalemo, SEGUN Nabi, Mega 99, Ludare, Seyi Alapanla, Amb. Dugbe1, Dele Gold, Abbey Awesome, Aduke Gold and more others.




According to Sunny Akanbi De Great who is also the organizer, the events is to appreciate God and those that has been supporting him for more than 20 years he has been practicing as a broadcaster. He explained further that the event will also serve as a stage for aspiring entertainers to tap from the wealth of knowledge of those that will be present.




The talented freelance broadcaster who currently anchors ‘Gbangba-lasha-n-ta’ a Yoruba program on Roots FM Abeokuta and ‘Se-Ise-n-ya?’ another program on Lekki FM, had worked with The famous female talking Drumer Aralola popularly call Ara.

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He had also worked as a chanter with SEGUN Nabi and has worked Master of Ceremony at so many event within and outside the country.



It is promises to be an event that will last long in the memory all, as expected has promised entertainers have given their word.


ONLINE, Saidi Balogun’s Latest Work, Premieres 19th Of November



A suspense full Movie from the stable of Saidi Balogun Productions also known as African James bond is set to hit the screens from November 19th 2021.


The films journey into reality begins on the said 14th November with it premiere. The movie is titled ONLINE and it will hit the cinemas across the Nigeria from 19th of November.



ONLINE (Movie) is a psychological thriller of an online predator whose mental state is debatable.



It throws light on the perceptive nature of a vital part of some of the things happening on the internet



ONLINE (Movie) is a ITEC with an unusual story line with a lot of suspense and full of technicalities.



It is Directed By Saidi Balogun who has a track record of interpreting roles for over thirty years in the Nollywood industry


The Africa James bond has also produced a number of great movies in the past like Eti Keta, Omo Alhaja, You or I, Gbogbo Re and Modupemi to mention few.



He is the one and only African Actor to produce the first 2 cast movie in the world and He also produces an all white cast movie with him alone as the Black African man.



The movie ONLiNe was shot few months ago with state of the earth equipment, with a wonderful crew and cast which include:


Saidi Balogun
Shaffy bello
Jibola Dabo,
Sani Danja
Frank dogar
Wole Ojo
Mr Macaroni
MC Lively
Woli Arole
Ayoola benedict,
samuel Ajirebi
allwell Ademolaa
Tony Akposheri
Ayo Adesanya,
Kola Olaiya

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Comedian Woli Agba Welcomes Baby Boy Year After Losing Child



Woli Agba

Comedian Ayo Ajewole, better known as Woli Agba, has welcomed a baby boy with his wife, revealing that he lost a child a year ago.




Arguably one of the most popular ‘gospel’ comedians in the entertainment industry, Woli Agba stated that when he lost a baby in 2020, he performed on stage like nothing happened.




Woli Agba detailed how he made people laugh on stage while struggling with the news of his dead baby.




In a recent Instagram post where he announced the arrival of his new baby, the comedian stated that God had restored his joy and cancelled the memory of his loss.



Sharing a picture of an adult hand holding a baby’s foot, Woli Agba said, “Last year, I lost a baby but performed on stage like nothing happened.



“January 3, 2020 ‘Hangout with Woliagba’ has been registered to my heart as the day I was heartbroken on stage, hid my sorrows, and made my people laugh while I struggled with the news of a dead baby deep down inside me.



“This year, God has restored my joy and cancelled the memory of my loss. I am so grateful to God. Congratulations to my family. It’s a boy!”


The comedian got married in April 2017 after courting for about four years. With their latest addition, the couple has two sons together.

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Salako Drags Wife Foluke Daramola: You Want To Snuff Life Out Of Me, Because I Mistakenly Got Married To You?



foluke daramola

Foluke Daramola‘s husband, Kayode Salako may have finally given up on his marriage  with his actor wife, after months of futile efforts to deny report of  the technical breakdown of the union.  
The Page News reliably gathered that Salako does not believe in the workability of the union any longer following Foluke’s allegation that he is involved with her (Foluke’s) mother’s nurse, one Ife and because he has ”been living under the nuances of  your wims and caprices since  I got married to you with nothing to show for it, except for your one day peace and 5- day trouble matrimonial jargons”
A source quoted Salako to have described the wife  during a confrontation recently as a Margaret Thatcher, telling her that ”peculiarly natured woman like you shouldn’t be thinking of living with anyone, let alone with a man in marriage any more”
In the heat of the confrontation, Salako said her wife’s character can only live with ”yourself or animals, but not normal human beings.
’You can hardly live in peace with anyone or sustain relationships for too long.
Not done, he said ”you will just continue to move from one ‘babalawo’ to another as you have always done.
”Abori ma bowa Oshi!
”You want to be the one dominating the lives of  everybody around you.
”Have you been able to help your own life?!
”You want to continue to harass me with Ife’s issue, when most of the people you have ever slept with in your life are married men?!
”Did Ife tell you I slept with her?!
‘The local government chairman you were dating, was he not a married man?!
”Or when Tunde Ojo and co. were sleeping with you, were they bachelors and single men?!
”Or did you marry me inside a Deeper Life church?!
”But now, ‘I can’t breathe’ again because I am married to you.
”You want to snuff life out of me, because I ‘mistakenly’ got married to you?!
”For over 7 years, I have been in the cage of your stupid, gra! gra!! wonran! wonran!! jaujau! Jabajaba! Balabala! disorganised and matrimonially dirty way of life.
”A visit to any good part of your home – your kitchen; your car; your sitting room and bedroom as Foluke Daramola would always prove me right.
”Or If we have a family of four now in our home as a guest, do we have the plates, cups and cutlery to host them dignifiedly with pride?!
”I have been living under the nuances of your wims and caprices since I got married to you with nothing to show for it, except for your one day peace and 5- day trouble matrimonial jargons.
”You are so rude, self-centered, proud, arrogant, daring, shameless, careless, carefree, wild, assaultive, pompous, egocentric, mentalcentric and highly troublesome.
”You are always quick to want to tell people what their own problems are, but the ones in your life are massive and heavy.
”Foluke, I might not be your husband again tomorrow, but go and write it down, if you don’t change that your  peculiar nature and violent  social attitude, you would just continue to struggle with it, you won’t attain it.
”Go and see, where most of the girls, who met you in your industry are, it is rather more about their attitudes and abilities to relate well with people, but not necessarily about their fucking expeditions you always talk to justify yourself.
”Your character and wild animal nature et cetera are your main problem, Foluke.
”Living with you, is like living with a mentally deranged woman and a wild animal.
”You have a very good heart; good destiny; good star; good education; good brain; good physical endowments, but terrible nature; crude attitude and repugnant character.
”I am simply fed up and tired of your madness.
”I can’t continue to be in this bondage and matrimonial stupidity for long anymore.
”I am thinking about my life here seriously. Now, you have issues with your mother’s nurse, because you are already accusing me of planning to sleep with her.
”That is your new song in the house. You had the effrontery to say it openly to me, “Kay, I know you want to fuck her! That is what I know!
”I want to fuck a woman, who has been treating your mother like her own mother?!
”I want to sleep with a married woman, who just came to do her job of saving your mother’s life?!
”So poor and silly you! And I keep asking: how many women have I slept with around you like that, that you know?! But, you have refused to name them. If you can name one, then I will willingly walk out of the marriage in shame with an open apology.
”Foluke, you don’t want to see my family members; staff, friends and anybody around me.
’You will always complain and have issues with them.
”Now, I am practically alone.
”Nobody comes to look for me anymore, except your life threatening, frustrating  and shortening troubles.
”Well, that I want to fuck your mother’s nurse is what is in your head now, because that is what you have been doing with the husbands of other people’s wives.
So, I don’t blame you.99% of the people I know or around me feel I am just wasting my time and life with you”

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