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The New Sound of Africa Creating a Sense of Pride For The Continent. Dele Kadiri



Dele Kadiri is the General Manager of Africa’s largest music streaming platform, Boomplay. With years of experience in the media, his works have stood the test of time and this has given him an edge above his contemporaries. He talks to Tosin Clegg about his strides as an advertising guru, a music business executive and music in Africa

Streaming music

A lot  has happened in the way streaming music has fundamentally changed the industry, and the way audiences consume music cannot be overstated. Indeed, the younger generation of music consumers has never bought a physical copy of a recording in their lives. This has shown a different metrics in music distribution and consumption in the Nigerian music industry. On one hand, listeners have easy access to a lot of music, often for free via both legal and illicit avenues. Even paid streaming services that offer access to wide catalogs of completely authorised music are much less expensive than physical musical media ever was; a month’s subscription on music platforms like ours is the equivalent of the price of a single CD’s. Affordable and authorised streaming services have also helped to reduce the amount of piracy across the music industry by shifting the balance between risk and reward for would-be pirates. But, we are facing another pirate for digital distributions. The question is how do we tackle this?

Growth of Afrobeats in Africa

In the past few years, the young sound of Africa has managed to travel beyond boundaries: not just entertaining listeners, but creating a sense of pride for the continent. The new genres of music from Africa shine a positive light on the continent which is represented by a younger, digitally-connected generation that knows no boundaries. Afrobeats is here to stay: it originates from the heart of the challenges that face the continent and, in breaking boundaries, is uniting Africa like never before.

Afrobeats has also made inroads to the world’s largest music labels. In the past two years, Sony, Warner and Universal Music are now working in Nigeria, signing up several Afrobeat stars to publishing and distribution deals and it shows Africa is taking over the world.

We have been able to take Boomplay App to his target audience

The consumers of the content are the younger ones. In the past months, Boomplay has been in the frontline of entertainment conversations through collaborations with artistes and their events and album releases, as well as being able to go to different universities across Nigeria and to musical concerts. Also with our committed staff, we have made the growth easy. For us, keeping the winning team and making them happy is very important.

The infusion of our new media arm

The Boombuzz team is one of the major channels and platforms we use to promote artistes. Boombuzz, as the media arm of the business, is very important to us because we are able to form a deeper connection between the artiste and the audience. We are able to push both the artiste’s songs, as well as exclusive interviews so that their fans get more information about the artistes themselves because we understand the power of the media. It’s not easy, because you have to know what is trending and make sure all units are on top of their game from the content acquisition, content operation, legal, marketing and customer support

Sound production and distribution

Our songs are globally recognised yet our musicians aren’t fully benefiting from their songs. Majority of artistes still upload their content for free on various blogs. They pay the blogs to upload their content; while it should be the other way around. Most artistes just want their songs to be everywhere without knowing they could profit form downloads and streams from reputable streaming platforms.

Healthy competition keeps us on our toes

Controversy is something any business in the media and entertainment industry should expect. People would try to rope you into controversies, especially when you are excelling. They would use your brand as a means to make themselves recognised.

Passion drives all that I do

Everything I am passionate about is what I have dedicated my entire being to; be it towards business or my family.

My advice for artistes

My advice for them is to ignore music blogs and pirates that put up their music for free. They should focus more on monetising their music and content via consistent music releases on digital streaming platforms. Artistes are the content owners and their creative abilities enable this business and we recognise that. This is the reason we are giving back and supporting the artiste’s events, concerts as a way of encouraging them to be more creative.

My background

My background is deeply rooted in advertising and sales. I have over 13 years of sales and brand partnerships experience with focus on new business development. I am a lover of good music so one thing I am grateful for is having the opportunity to work with national brands on campaigns aligned with entertainment, news, sports, music and culture.

Yes, we are the biggest online download and music streaming platform in Africa so we would keep working to sustain that position. Also, we have plans to expand to Francophone countries.

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Another Popular Musician Is Dead




The news reaching thepagenews has it that a Veteran highlife musician, Felix Odey, popularly known as Feladey is dead.



According to the report, he died in the early hours of Thursday, July 29, 2021.


The deceased was the musician who popularised Rex Lawson’s ‘Sawale’ in the 90s and the subsequent single, ‘Band Boys’ had a fever before passing on.



Feladey would be remembered for his outstanding contributions and works in the music industry of which is the popular and original signature song of NTA 2 Channel 5.

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Vertigo Africa Explodes On To The Music Scene



Vertigo Africa

Vertigo Africa is the new and trending destination for music fans and Artist. The company recently opened their headquarters in Lagos, yet they highlight music from all over the continent. Then it is  shared via their multi-patented technology, with the Global community. In a recent interview the CEO stated “ There is so much music talent in Africa. Our goal is to provide a means to share this with the world. “


Vertigo Africa is one of the few Apps that allow music and socialization legally.  Also, Vertigo Africa is the only platform that combines Spotify an Apple Music users together for a massively rewarding social experience. As a user you have your own personal profile page where you can post pictures, videos as well as host live events throughout the world with your friends and followers .



Aside from users socializing with one another, many of the continents leading music artist are quickly onboarding. On the platform each performer has their own unique Artist lounge. In the Artist lounges they interact with their fans personally for live interviews, song releases listening parties and exclusive mini-performances.

 Vertigo Africa is truly the next revolution in music and socialization. Any Phone without Vertigo Africa is like life without pleasure.


Instagram @vertigoafricalive



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Poison scare: God will Expose Wicked People Around Me- Davido




Multiple award-winning Nigerian singer, Davido, has taken to his verified Twitter account with over nine million followers to state that God will expose any “wickedness” around him.


In his tweet, the iconic singer wrote, “God will expose and deal with any wickedness around me; near or far, Amen. I’m blessed.”


His tweet comes shortly after a video snippet surfaced online where a cleric claimed that he had a revelation the pop star would be poisoned by someone living under his roof.


“I told you about one singer, Davido. They will poison him; I don’t know him and I have never seen him in my life. They will put something in his drink; he will be rushed to the hospital, will be admitted, and unconscious. The person that will poison him is sleeping in his house,” the cleric said.


More so, the singer’s former personal assistant, Aloma, in a recent interview, revealed that in 2017, he was offered N100m by someone in the music industry to implicate Davido in the death of his friend, Tagbo.


Aloma said, “When we were at the Police station, Lion Building, they took me to a room and said that I am a ‘fall man’. Beware of this music industry, everyone is trying their best to pull David down.


“They told me to write a statement which will state that David killed Tagbo. They gave me a cheque of N100m just for me to write that David killed Tagbo.”

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