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Tinubu Indicted Over Attack On Lagos Igbo Voters


Conveners: Mr Olisa Agbakoba, SAN, Mr. Yinka Odumakin and Comrade Mark Adebayo

Ladies and gentlemen of the Press, comrades here present, fellow Lagosians;

Reflection on February 23 Presidential and National Assembly (NASS) elections.
Reflections on the just concluded Presidential  and National Assembly elections will dove tail into why we are here:
Last Saturday, February 23 precisely the general elections opened. You are all aware of how some ethnic nationalities were being hounded and harassed for their choices during and after the election. All this act of brigandage was commandeered from Bourdillion with active connivance of security agencies, otherwise why is it that nobody has been arrested and prosecuted to serve as a deterrent inspite of the disruption with documentary evidence everywhere.
The whole world is watching.
It is also on record that some council chairmen were chasing people away from performing their civic responsibilities. Both perceived and imaginary opposition that they feel won’t vote for their candidates were beaten and chased away from the polling units across the state on the instruction on one man bent on perpetuating his hegemonic rule on lagosians.
As part of interim measures, all these have been documented and we will ensure that all those who participated in this shameful act will face the full wrath of law. We want to assure Lagosians and other ethnic nationalities in Lagos of adequate safety before, during and after the March 09 gubernatorial and house of assembly elections to cast their votes for the candidates of their choice without let or hindrance in line with the Nigerian Constitution and Article 19 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples rights which Nigeria is a signatory.

Why we are here

We welcome you to this historic occasion born out of the collective realisation of common yearning for freedom from arrogant domination, unprecedented corruption, dictatorial manipulations and the unconscionable commandeering of Lagos State’s commonwealth by the Bourdillon power cultists who have turned Lagos, its people and treasury into a family heritage of the Tinubus for twenty agonising years.

Apart from being the modern day “Centre of Excellence”, Lagos has a rich history of political civilization as the cynosure of germination for the highest ideals of democracy, education, modernization, sophistication, wealth and freedom.

From being a Crown Colony in  1861 to becoming the capital of the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria in 1914, Lagos State was destined to set the parameters of all that is progressive, meaningful, beautiful and liberating. We can safely say that from the early years of of pre-independence struggles, to the first birth of democracy, and anti-military pro-democracy activism of the 1980s through the 90s, Lagos State has proven to be Nigeria’s centre of liberation struggles. I need not remind you of Herbert Macaulay and the dynamic Zik of Africa. Our same Lagos hosted African Liberators such as Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki of South Africa.That is why it is so baffling to the mass majority of Nigerians how Lagos State has ended up becoming a personal cottage industry of one individual whose words has become law on the destiny of over 20 million Lagosians for 20 years with destructive realities of retrogression, grand corruption and underdevelopment . The question being asked is “why Lagos with all its sophisticated, educated, urbane, hardworking and energetic populations?”.
Why Lagos, indeed, is the right question not only to ask but also to answer collectively here today. Why Lagos and why our generation?

In interrogating these questions and others, we have to put the following facts as front burners:

1. Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu presides over a regime of political domination, intimidation, imposition, tyranny, and mass looting of the state’s resources.

2. He has established himself as the godfather of nepotistic politicking with himself, his wife, children in-laws and cronies snatching juicy public offices from more qualified Lagosians by force of violence and threats.
A few examples will suffice:
a. He was governor for eight years but has continued to govern till date by proxy.

b. His wife has been Senator for eight years and got re-elected in a dubious and fraudulent circumstances.

c. The incumbent commissioner for Women Affairs in Lagos State, Mrs Lola Akande, is a former member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, representing Ikeja consistency 11. She’s is Tinubu’s sister-inlaw.

d. Hon Richard Adedamola Kasumu, the current member representing Ikeja constituency 11. is Tinubu’s nephew. He succeeded Mrs Lola Akande. Richard is a grand child of Alhaji Abibat Mogaji, the late Iyaloja-General that Sade Ojo succeeded.

e. The incumbent Commissioner for Establishment, Akintola Benson,  was Tinubu’s Private Secretary.

f. The incumbent chairman of Oshodi LG, Ariyo, was also Tinubu’s PA

g. The incumbent commissioner for Housing, Gbolahan Lawal, was a former commissioner for Agriculture and is a former ADC to Tinubu

h. Sade Ojo-Tinubu, the Iyaloja-General of Lagos and Nigeria, is Tinubu’s daughter

j. Seyi Tinubu, one of Tinubu’s children, was appointed an emergency financial consultant to all parastatals and LGs in Lagos State. His convoy is reputed to rival that of a state governor.

k. Hakeem Muri-Okunola, who recently was imposed as Head of Service is Tinubu’s friend’s son. The son of retired Judge. And contrary to civil service rules he was the former Permanent Secretary, Land in Lagos state.

l. We want Lagosians to demand to know the relationship between Tinubus and BRT. We understand that Oando supplies all the fuel being used by BRT in Lagos and Wale Tinubu, the head of Oando is Tinubu’s younger brother

m. Lagosians demand to know how the property of Lagos State Polytechnic, Ikosi campus, become Tinubu’s property? Today, the corporate headquarters of TVC and Max fm, Tinubu’s media outfit is located on this public property.

n. Tinubu’s company, Alpha Beta, that collects billions of Naira in revenue for Lagos State is said to have fictitious directors and has its headquarters at an unknown shopping complex.  On the eve of Presidential and NASS elections two bullion vans were sited at Tinubu’s Bourdillon residence which he has claimed ownership that he neither work for government nor a government contractor. All this which contravene money laundering act should be a major subject of interest to the EFCC. Money Laundering  and prohibition act 2004 of the EFCC will suffice here.

o. Moreover, how can Tinubu  justify his humongous sudden wealth after his two terms as governor? Even if he had worked for 100 years in Mobil before retiring, added to eight years of his annual salaries as governor, Tinubu couldn’t have amassed 10th per cent of all the properties associated with him; private and commercial aircraft, uncountable landed properties in Lagos, Abuja and elsewhere. It is rumored that about half of Lekki’s land belongs to Tinubu. Do you know that the Acme Road office of the All Progressives Congress belong to Tinubu?
What of the N5billion loan Tinubu took from the defunct City Express Bank for Eko Akete Housing project?
What of the Lekki/Epe Expressway concessionaire and the N50billion collateral on the state that the government of Babatunde Fashola bought back? Who owns HITECH?

We can go on and on and on.


Are we so stupid and ignorant in Lagos to allow one man manipulate and maltreat us this way? The clear answer is a resounding “Nooo!”.

Dear Lagosians, we’re neither stupid nor ignorant. But we have been sleeping for too long. We’re collectively guilty of criminal slumber.

This is the time to break our chains because freedom is prosperity. Our  lives and livelihood depend on it. The future of our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren yet unborn depends on this struggle.
It is not about politics. It is not about selfish ambitions. It is not about where you come from. It is not about your religion. It is not about the immediate gains. It is all about the cause of justice, equity, fairness, and a better Lagos where opportunities are equally available to all and sundry without being enslaved to the apron string of any slave master like the notorious Bourdillon Tarantula.

Enough is enough!
Lagosians arise and shine, liberate yourselves from the iron grip of the terror of Bourdillon.
Enough is enough!

Lagosians stand up and free yourselves and your future from the captivity of a roguish system of power succession that lacks basic respect for free choice of leadership.

Lagos is not an inheritance of  the Tinubus. We must end his reign of terror once and for all this Saturday March  9th. We shall not vote Tinubu and APC ever again! Tinubu and his goons must go!

Chase Tinubu’s corrupt tendencies out with your PVC. Don’t vote for Tinubu’s stooge that he wants to impose as governor.

Vote for freedom! Vote for justice! Vote for peace! Vote for development! Vote to liberate yourselves!

Lagos and Lagosians shall be free!
The time is now!

Aluta continua, Victoria à certa!!!

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