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Vintage Confluence Assures On Lightning-Speed Transactions, Calls For ICT Innovations




Leading global Bitcoin trading company, Vintage Confluence LLC has assured her existing and prospective clients of lightning-speed transactions that would ease their burdens and eradicate the delays that pose a threat to their bitcoin business transactions.



The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Precious Aire, gave the assurance on Thursday while delivering his speech at the 2021 edition of the NITRA Technology Forum, which is organized annually by the Nigerian Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA) where he was ably represented by the company’s media consultant, Patrick Aigbokhan.



The event, which was themed, ‘Achieving 30% Growth in Local Cloud Hosting By 2024’ was held at the Prestigious Citiheight Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.



Aire also emphasized the need for enhanced technology innovations that will boost initiatives in the ICT industry.



He said, “Vintage Confluence as a company has been able to explore the required technology innovations to solve the bitcoin trading problems that formed the bane of smooth trading for investors over the years.



“We offer lightning-speed transactions taking just 10-30 minutes every 24 hours of the week in regular circumstances. We even could do better if we find a more efficient web hosting system.



This is the reason we embrace this forum because it tends to address an innovation that calls for the achievement of speedy online trades.”



While expressing his view over the possibility of Nigeria’s ICT industry achieving 30 percent growth in local cloud hosting by 2024, the Vintage Confluence CEO said, “What makes the global village? It is nothing other than technology innovations. And for the intentions of the global village to thrive, there is a dire need for re-iterating and addressing the adoption of Cloud hosting, which now happens to become sacrosanct in the daily movement of data usage in the present global business world.



Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting which uses multiple different servers to balance the load and maximize uptime. Instead of using a single server, your website can tap into a “cluster” that uses resources from a centralized pool. This means that even if one server fails, another kicks in to keep everything running.



“So, I am strongly optimistic that 30℅ growth in local cloud hosting by 2024 is achievable in Nigeria. And when this happens, what do we expect of a company like Vintage Confluence whose dedicated service depends on the quality of network efficiency for speedy response communication to the need of our clients? For us at Vintage Confluence LLC, we are a leading global organization that offers solutions to Bitcoin Holders who need to sell their Bitcoins in exchange for instant cash in Nigeria and South Africa.



“Our company’s mission is to provide traders with the most comprehensive web-based trading platform available with no hassle or verification. We are recognized as the most reliable, fastest and cheap e-currency exchanger with collective experience dating back to the origin of Bitcoin.



No other platform offers a mix of security with convenient transparency, trust, honesty, and customer service like Vintage Confluence does.



“As a company that only buys and not sells Bitcoins, we have been an active leader and certified vendor in the cryptocurrency industry since 2019, and our company has been able to provide amazing exchange rates and quick execution of payment from small orders to large orders. This platform provides a seamless interface between the trader and Vintage Confluence as its Vendor.”



Aire also noted that his company has been devoted to the constant revolution of the company by listening to its users and enhancing its product mix to satisfy their requirements.



Vintage Confluence is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience in building a long-term relationship with both existing and prospective clients.



“Every day, thousands of users around the world use Vintage Confluence LLC, and they have become our best advertisers.



With our minimum trade acceptance of $1000 USD worth of Bitcoin, customers receive immediate payment into their bank accounts on transactions, which makes trading with our company an experience to always remember.



“If you need to know further about us and our services, please visit our website or follow us on Instagram, and LinkedIn: Vintage Confluence LLC.



At Vintage Confluence LLC, we are the grandmasters of trading Bitcoins,” he added.



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Reps Probe Expatriate Quota Abuse in Telecoms Sector




The House of Representatives has mandated its Committees on Telecommunications and Interior to investigate the alleged expatriate quota abuse in the telecoms sector and report back within six weeks for further action.


This is sequel to the unanimous adoption of a motion moved at the plenary on Tuesday by Mr Bello Shinkafi, titled ‘Need to Investigate the Abuse of Expatriate Quota by Telecommunications Equipment Vendors and Service Providers in Nigeria.’



Moving the motion, Shinkafi noted that the Immigration Act 2015 and the Immigration Service Regulations 2017 are the principal laws governing the employment of expatriates in Nigeria, while the principal regulatory bodies are the Nigerian Immigration Service and the Federal Ministry of Interior.



The lawmaker also noted that the law empowers the NIS to, from time to time, issue entry permits and expatriate quota to foreigners who intend to work in Nigeria for specifically approved jobs and for a specific period, with a view to training Nigerians and transferring their requisite skills during their period of employment.


According to him, expatriate quota may be granted for an initial period of three years and can be renewed further for a period of two years, subject to a total life span of 10 years within which such relevant skills ought to have been transferred to Nigerians understudying such expatriates.


Shinkafi noted a clause in the expatriate policy which provides for two Nigerians to understudy an expatriate, to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology. “However, some of those foreign companies have taken advantage of this clause in active connivance with the Nigeria Immigration Service and other agencies to bring as many of their nationals as possible, sometimes illegally, in gross disregard for the law,” he said.



Shinkafi stated, “The House is worried that the abuse of expatriate quotas by those foreign companies is not deemed a national security issue by the Federal Government, particularly so at a time of record of youth unemployment and the age of terrorism.


“The House is concerned that the practice of expatriate quota abuse was initially restricted to the oil and gas sector but has now been extended to the telecommunications sector in which there is a surfeit of local skills, many of the expatriates still retain their employments after their permits had expired and not been renewed as required by law.


“The House is also concerned that the expatriates enjoy unimaginable pay and privileges, while their Nigerian counterparts are paid less and treated with disdain in their own country and many competent Nigerians lose their jobs and the country loses multi-million dollars annually.”


He stressed that the expatriate quota guides against the indiscriminate employment of expatriates where there are qualified Nigerians who can fit into those positions.

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Globacom Emerges Worst Network Provider Of The Decade In Nigeria.



Disgusts and Dislike Nigerians have voted for Globacom Nigeria Limited,

A telecommunication company owned by billionaire Mike Adenuga, as the worst network provider of the decade. The management of the company, despite rolling out numerous creative adverts has failed to meet the basic expectations of millions of Nigerians as they keep failing the people both in making phone calls and browsing the Internet. Nigerians had continued to back and purchase the network as they are still full of hopes that being an indigenous company, the telecommunication would do better. According to lagosdaily, a poll carried out on social media (Facebook and Twitter) had Glo top the chart as Nigerians expressed their disgusts and dislike for the network provider. The twitter poll conducted by Pope Piano @Yeankhar saw Globacom polled 69 per cent to win the infamous award as MTN came a distant second with 12.5 per cent, with 9mobile and Airtel polling 9.3 per cent and 9.1 per cent respectively out of the 2895 total votes. Twitter users commenting on the poll corroborated why Nigerians voted for Glo as the worst network provider of the decade. Some of the comments saw users of the network provider lamented what using the service has cost them. Also, a visit to the various social media platforms of the network provider in the past week shows that Nigerians daily complain about the quality of its porous network.

Nigerians who subscribed to other network providers questioned the reason people continue to use the service of Glo despite their ‘not so good services as some insinuated that even Mike Adenuga doesn’t use the service. Laide Of Jos @JosLaide said, “Undisputed Globacom with the worst network…even with there mast in front of my house I can’t still enjoy good network!” Omogbolahan @Zeem_Miles said, “I’m 100 per cent sure Glo will win this.” Good Fellow @Friskyrobson replied “Yesterday morning, I paid my transport, went to  @GloWorld office to report that their network mast has been off for more than a week now. Up till now, nothing has been done. Worst of all, I met with the oga abi branch manager.” Ebullient Emekah @Megxo_official tweeted: “It has to be Glo… Their 4G still chooses 4g- enabled device to work on, might work for mine but won’t work for yours. Talking about bandwidth and shii.” Another Twitter user, @1RndomAfrican in his reply to Emekah said, “I dey tell u, I got a Glo sim on the 29th of last month, only thing I regret doing last year, soon as d idiot data finish, I’ll call customer care, ask them why they don’t talk sense to their boss and break d sim. How 4g sim no go update status for 34mins Until I changed it to 3g”. Still responding to the poll, @1RndomAfrican said further “Adenuga failed all of us, I’m sure mans (Adenuga) doesn’t use his stupid network.” @AamirSidibe was forced to ask a very salient question – “Is there any Glo subscriber that doesn’t have an MTN line. Why is Globacom always a second option?” @Clesteve tweeted, “Globacom is a fraud. Your data is a fraud. And your company is a fraud. How can I buy data and it won’t download any damn thing.” @MrOdanz asked, “If Glo spends just half their advertisement budget on building infrastructure for better network services, a whole lot of MTN users would have moved to Glo since.” Nigerian Critic @ngcritic on Jan 3 advised, “Rather than improve their services, especially mobile data quality, the “Grandmaster of Data” is busy acting Nollywood season film.” On Facebook, Ngwu Lemzy Sage, reacting to a post by Globacom on the preference between plantain chips and potato chips, said, “Neither of the two. Just give me good network, Mbok. Your network (data) sucks big time, do something about it. Am in Enugu”. He is just one of the millions of Nigerians who have made the handles of the network provider a place for venting their annoyance at the poor services they receive. Mary Favour, a regular visitor to the handle, posted, “Your network is not going at all, please do the needful.” For Acheneje D’ philosopher, “the question on food was a misplaced priority,” while Oyewola Emmanuel Adewale urged the service provider to find a lasting solution to its bad service. Adewale wrote, “Instead of finding solution to this bad service, you come here posting rubbish. A visit to the office of Globacom at 95 Allen Ave, Allen, Ikeja is the same as most of the complains are about the lousy network.-lagosdaily

Faleye Oluwatosin

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Bilbord app is set to revolutionized the out of home industry in Nigeria and the world at large



 Bilbord is an intelligent data warehousing tool that provides real-time representation of billboards on the platform, it allows users monitor, manage and track the true state and status of billboards using mobile devices. Bilbord also gives an insightful measurement report and analysis on all billboards, providing a robust data on vehicular and pedestrian traffic volume based on computer vision technology called Efiiwe. Efiiwe is an Artificial Intelligence technology that analyses and produces this strategic information needed within the OOH industry in order to deliver measurable return on investment and key performance indicator. THE PROBLEMThough we have a lot of data available, the OOH industry is largely unanalyzed, Why? This is simply because the industry does not have an adequate monitoring and measurement mechanism, compliance is largely done by the submission of pictures with various monthly code by operators or by a multiplicity media services who are chasing after prints, electronic and other medium at the same time, while measurement is grossly based on assumptions. However, real time data from these billboards can be used to determine key performance indices in order to deliver return on investment for advertisers leveraging on vehicular and pedestrian movement real time data. OBJECTIVESOur greatest object is to provide the industry’s need, connect in me and create experience. STRATEGIC INTENTTo allow users dictate experience. What is changing the industry? People, so it’s about you, it’s about us, it’s about the industry. BILBORDAPP FEATURES:• An innovative new social experience: using coordinates users are able to interact, search, save and share with colleagues and partners like never before.

• Relationship insights: gain deep insight into brands and who manages them.

• Culture fit: there are ten times number of companies listed on bilbord so it’s even easier for users to find who is what and handling what.

• Enhance discovery process: allow users to scout vacant bilbords with in-depth knowledge.

Need: giving accurate out-of-home inventory, information, location, classification and condition. Extras: offers a whole lot of added value into the mix from billboard insurance, brokerage, Finance to security The beta version of the app will be launched  on Android platform then subsequently on the IOS platforms.
Our platforms provide never-before-seen real time monitoring, audience data, audience targeting and analyses. Producing strategic information needed within the OOH industry in order to deliver measurable return on investment.

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