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We Will Partner Army to Ensure Peace in Oyo-Makinde …says Army is part of State’s Constituency



Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, has said that the state government would partner the Nigerian Army to ensure the security of lives and property in the state.

Governor Makinde, who was speaking at the Nigerian Army West African Social Activities (WASA), held at the Major General John Inieger Sports Complex, Adekunle Fajuyi Cantonment, Ojoo, Ibadan stated that his administration was ready to collaborate with Nigerian Army formation in the state to fix a lot of hydraulic structures in Oyo State.

He also said that the state would maintain a cordial relationship with the Nigeria Army in peacekeeping to ensure peace in all the nooks and crannies of the State.

He said: “I assure you that the government will continue to support and cooperate with the Army in Oyo State in order to reap the true the dividend of peace and security. I have and will continue to consider the Army Barracks and Cantonment in Oyo State as part of our constituency.

“I want to assure officers, soldiers, and families of 2nd Division of the Army in Ibadan that our administration remains committed to promoting the already existing cordial relationship with the military. We want to take this to the next level for the betterment of the good people of Oyo State.”

The Governor further said: “As I was passing through the formation, I saw the Mechanical Engineers and I thought we have a lot of hydraulic structures in Oyo State that we also need to fix. So, I am using this opportunity to invite the Nigerian Army formation here to collaborate with us so that we can jointly work together to fix those hydraulic units.”

The Governor noted that the impact and the achievements of Nigerian Army in the Country have added greater values, respect honour and dignity to the perception of Nigerians about the Military profession.

He stated: “Let me also say in clear terms that the impact of the achievement of the Nigerian Army during this period has added greater values, respect, honour and dignity to our perception as a people about the Nigerian Army. This is indeed a very noble profession.

“The Nigeria Army today is seen to have played more roles in civil authority than at any other time in the history of our dear nation. This includes the curtailment of insurgency in the North-East by ensuring that the situation did not spread across the country.

“Similarly, the effective curtailment of nefarious activities of the rampaging herdsmen and sustained operation against kidnappers, thuggery and other perpetrators of sundry criminal activities as well as saboteurs to critical national infrastructure. I am glad that the Army has recorded these achievements without prejudice, with respect for the rule of law and subordination to the civil authority.

“The Army is noted for its adherence to international best practices of human rights, cordial military cooperation, and respect of the tradition of their host communities. All these positive impacts are highly noted and appreciated. I urge you to maintain and sustain the tempo.”

The Governor commended Officers and men of 2nd Division for their sacrificial contributions in the maintenance of peace and order in Oyo State.

He said: “I have personally noted the achievements of Operation Burst in Oyo State where the Army played the lead role. So, I want to use this occasion of WASA 2019 to commend the gallant officers and soldiers of 2Division Ibadan in particular and the entire Nigerian Army at large. We are indeed very grateful to you.

“My presence on this occasion to identify with the Nigerian Army personnel and family members is no doubt as a result of my appreciation of the good work that the Nigerian Army is doing in general, and in Oyo State in particular.

“I wish to also mention in stronger terms that the hitherto fragile links that bind the Nigerian Army and the rest of the citizens is further strengthened. It is common knowledge within the public domain that the giant strides that highlighted the achievements of the 2Division will remain a benchmark for other formations to strive harder so as to achieve similar feats.

“Army is noted for its adherence to international best practices of human rights, cordial military cooperation and respect of the tradition of their host communities. All these positive impacts are highly noted and appreciated.”

The Governor, therefore, promised to extend the light-up Ibadan projects into the barrack community for the benefits of Military Officials.

“We will extend, under Phase 2 of the light-up Ibadan project, the light infrastructure to inside the barracks,” he stated.

Earlier in his remarks, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) 2 Division Nigerian Army, Major General Anthony Bamidele Omozoje appreciated the contributions and support of the Governor of Oyo State Engr Seyi Makinde and the good people of Oyo State.

He noted that West African Social Activities (WASA) is one of the activities of the Nigerian Army which provides an enabling an environment where service personnel with their families and loved ones come together to celebrate.

He added that the event is so unique and memorable as it showcases the diverse ethnic and rich cultural composition of the Nigerian Army.

“WASA provides a platform where national heritage and patriotism are celebrated as against religious, ethnic and social sentiments,” the Commanding Officer said.


Taiwo Adisa,

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Oyo State

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I Wont Reverse Minimum Wage Payment, But Heads Will Roll – El-Rufai




The Governor of Kaduna state, Nasir El-Rufai has disclosed that his government has no intention to reverse the recommend minimum wage being paid civil servants in the state, he mentioned however, that workers would be sacked in view of the limited recourses available to the state.


The Governor made disclosure while informing newsmen in Kaduna, of the sack of 99 political appointees in his government.
He said the disengaged appointees constitute 30 percent of political office holders.


He said the state has started implementing its rightsizing policy but is yet to disengage any state civil servant.



The governor disclosed that only agencies connected to the local government system have disengaged staff and these include the 23 local government councils, SUBEB and the Primary Health Care Board.


“So far, 99 political appointees have lost their jobs but we have not commenced rightsizing civil servants. We want to be fair with regards to civil servants. We had earlier promised that before we reduce the size of the civil service, we will start with political appointees and we have done that,’’ he said.


The governor, who spoke in Hausa, said the rightsizing of civil servants will still go on as planned because of dwindling revenues that is accruing to the state government from the federation account.


‘’However, civil servants with question marks on the veracity of their data have to be given a chance to clear the doubts before any action is taken on them,’’ he clarified.



The governor said his government has employed 11,000 more workers in the health sector, Kaduna State University as well as primary and secondary schools across the state.



The governor disclosed that it is a fallacy to allege that the salaries of political appointees account for the bloated personnel cost of the State Government.



‘’In March 2021, the salaries of these political appointees amounted to N259 million , while civil servants were paid N3.13 billion, aside from costs related to state contributions to pension, accrued rights and other personnel costs. So, it is false to insinuate that political appointees are the ones that guzzle most of the state’s resources,’’ he said.



Justifying the rightsizing of the public service, he said that all states and the federal government are affected by the shortfall of revenue and some states have even reverted to paying the old monthly minimum wage of N18,000.



The governor, however, promised that Kaduna state will not reverse the N30,000 minimum wage that it has started paying.



“We are the first government, federal or state, to pay the minimum wage. We will retain the minimum wage of N30,000 and the consequential adjustments that gave most of our civil servants a 66% salary increase. We will also retain the minimum pension of N30,000 monthly.


“The unified Local Government Service continues to pay the minimum wage, even though they varied the consequential adjustments for their workers below the level for state civil servants,’’ he added.

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Ohanaeze, IPOB Rubbish Northern Group Over N100m Bounty On Nnamdi Kanu




The Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Friday hit back at the Northern Consensus Movement (NCM) which, on Thursday, declared IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu, wanted and offered a reward of N100m to anyone who can bring him to Nigeria.



Kanu had taken up residence in the United Kingdom after jumping bail in respect of treason charges filed against him in October 2015 by the federal government.


The NCM at a press conference in Abuja late Thursday blamed Kanu and the Eastern Security Network, which is suspected to be the militant arm of IPOB, for the recent attacks on Northerners in the Southeast.



Responding to the NCM’s statement, the Secretary-General of a faction of Ohanaeze, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro, asked the northern groups to direct their efforts elsewhere.



He said their N100 million bounties should be placed on the successor of the slain Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau.



He said: “We want to tell the groups being sponsored by some northern presidential aspirants to place the bounty on the new leader of Boko Haram terrorist group that has just emerged after the death of Shekau.


“Nnamdi Kanu has an address in London or in Germany where his headquarters of IPOB is. There is no need of searching for Kanu. He is not in Nigeria; he has an address in London as a British citizen.



“They should just use the N100 million bounties given to them by northern politicians, who are trying to destabilise the Southeast, to have easy root for the 2023 presidential ticket of major political parties in Nigeria, especially of the PDP.



“They should place the bounty on Shekau’s successor, who has no address, who is living in the forest, the terrorist group that took arms against the government for the last six years.



“They should not cry more than the bereaved; we will take care of the Southeast and ensure normalcy returns. As far as we are concerned, that bounty is inconsequential and political. It is not necessary, only a means to continue to heat up tension in the polity.”



Isiguzoro dismissed the NCM allegations of killing of Northerners in the Southeast, saying: “for the purpose of record and from the last time, there has not been any killing, except the accidental killing of Ahmed Gulak in Owerri.



“There has not been killing recorded anywhere in the Southeast about Northern people except some nefarious activities of unknown gunmen and killer Fulani herdsmen who have been attacking police stations and government facilities and killing both Igbo and indigenes from other parts of the country.”



Responding for IPOB, its spokesman, Emma Powerful, said the group would not dignify the northern groups with response because “they are inconsequential groups and they don’t know what we’re doing.”



He added: “claiming that they’re representing Arewa means they represent nobody.



“We pity them for challenging Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB because they don’t know what we are made of; they can rant from here to Arewa; we don’t know such groups before.



“They want people to hear their ranting so that people will know that they exist because people don’t know them.



“People that matter in the world are talking about Nnamdi Kanu, IPOB and Biafra. We are ahead of them all.”



During its Thursday press conference, NCM said it was declaring Nnamdi Kanu wanted for the continuation of criminal charges against him.




It is offering a reward of N100 million to anyone who can produce him in Nigeria for that purpose.


Kanu had taken up residence in the United Kingdom after jumping bail in respect of treason charges filed against him in October 2015 by the Federal Government of Nigeria.


The NCM blamed Kanu and the Eastern Security Network, which is suspected to be the militant arm of IPOB, for the recent attacks on Northerners in the Southeast.


It asked the United States of America, the United Kingdom and the European Union to ensure Kanu’s repatriation to Nigeria.


Dr. Awwal Aliyu, NCM spokesman, said members of the group took it upon themselves as active citizens of Nigeria to declare Nnamdi Kanu wanted for “crimes against humanity and for instigating the killing of innocent Northerners in the Southeast via his hate speech.”


Kanu, according to Aliyu, must answer for “the killing and destruction of Northerners residing and undertaking lawful businesses in the southeastern part of Nigeria.


He added: “So, we are placing a bounty of N100m as an offer to anyone who can produce him alive, hale, hearty, and uninjured to us for onward delivery to the security agencies for the continuation of his prosecution.”


He asked the US, the UK, and the EU, as champions of democracy, rule of law, and freedoms of speech and expression, to “kindly and humbly respect Nigeria’s sovereignty and facilitate the repatriation of Nnamdi Kanu to Nigeria so that he can face his treason, and possibly a fresh terrorism and genocide charges against innocent citizens of Nigeria.”

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Obasanjo Contributed To Nigeria’s Crisis, He Should Mind His Utterances –Femi Adesina




Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, says former President Olusegun Obasanjo contributed to the current chaos in the country, adding that the ex-military general should mind his utterances.


He stated this on Friday in a piece titled, ‘Nigeria’s Unity And All The Iberiberism’.



Adesina wrote, “The sabre-rattling about Nigeria’s unity and the possibility of disintegration has got to the point of Iberiberism (a bastardised Igbo word which could mean stupidity). Some people have no other business than doomsday predictions of a crumbled, collapsed Nigeria, as if they actually fast and pray for that eventuality.



“When Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was President between 1999 and 2007, they predicted that he was going to be the last President of a united Nigeria. It didn’t happen. When Umaru Yar’Adua came, they said he was too sick to hold Nigeria together. The country stood.



“Under Goodluck Jonathan, they said the man was too weak, and different components of the country would soon say, ‘to your tents oh Israel.’ Nigeria survived. And for six years under Muhammadu Buhari, they have not changed their songs. The Somaliasation of Nigeria was on the way.


The Fulanisation of the country would be the final death knell. But Nigeria lives. It trudges on from day to day, month to month, and will surely survive.”


Adesina said though some people dwell on negativity, “some fathers of the land will not fold their hands and see Nigeria go down”.


“Fortunately, we have one of them as President now. The young Muhammadu Buhari spent 30 months in the frontlines as a young army officer, fighting the war of unity. And he has said it: we will not be around and watch Nigeria go down. Never. We will rather speak to insurrectionists in the language they understand.


“And what of Olusegun Obasanjo, a civil war hero. Despite all that he has contributed to the current upheavals by his actions and inactions, words and bile, he says it is idiotic to wish Nigeria disintegration now. Good. But let us put our money where our mouth is. Let Baba mind his thoughts, and his language,” the presidential spokesman added.



“Nigeria will survive. The polity will endure. And the component parts will live together in amity and brotherhood. Any other option is Iberiberism,” he concluded.



Obasanjo, a military head of state from February 1976 to September 1979, was Nigeria’s democratically elected president between May 1999 and May 2007.



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